13 April 2009

Safe needle for injection

An improved needle for a syringe will prevent hundreds of thousands of complications that occur annually with intravenous injections. The device, the principle of which is borrowed from oil workers, was developed by a group of specialists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The new needle is given an S-shape; inside it is a thread used as a conductor (similar to the conductor in a catheter). During the injection, the force is applied not to the needle, but to the conductor, thanks to a special cannula device.

When the conductor ending at the tip of the needle meets the resistance of dense tissues, it twists inside the S-shaped channel, fixing relative to the walls of the tube and the needle moves forward as a single structure.

As soon as the needle of the new modification passes into the cavity, for example, into a vessel, there is no more resistance to the conductor at the tip of the needle and it moves forward, and the needle itself remains stationary. Due to this, situations in which the needle pierces through the vessel during intravenous injection become impossible.

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