19 March 2021

The fourth country in Europe

Spanish Parliament approves euthanasia bill

It is expected that the initiative will come into force in three months


The Congress of Deputies (the lower house of Parliament) of Spain finally approved on Thursday a bill regulating euthanasia in the country. The voting was broadcast on the chamber's website.

The initiative presented by the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party was supported by 202 out of 350 parliamentarians. It is expected to come into force in three months.

The law is designed to regulate the right to euthanasia for terminally ill people or those suffering from a serious, chronic and disabling disease that causes "unbearable physical or mental suffering" without the possibility of cure or improvement.

According to the initiative, an adult citizen of Spain or having a residence permit in the country will be able to request euthanasia. This decision should be made only by the patient himself, and he will have to confirm his desire at least four times during the request review process. In addition, at any time a person will be able to withdraw his application or ask for a postponement. The request will be evaluated by doctors, as well as a special commission monitoring compliance with the law.

Thus, as noted by Reuters, Spain becomes the fourth country in Europe to allow euthanasia.

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