21 January 2013

Vortex technologies in Skolkovo

The company from Koltsovo became a participant of the Skolkovo Innovation center

kolcovo.ruThe company Center of Vortex Technologies LLC from the Koltsovo science city received the status of a participant in the Skolkovo Innovation Center by presenting a project in the field of biomedical technologies – "Creation of software and hardware complexes based on vortex bioreactors for the preparative cultivation of stem and other autologous human cells."

The developed installation is able to provide a cost-effective solution to the current problem of large-scale standardized development of human stem and other autologous cells used for the treatment of various diseases, in transplantation, tissue engineering, as well as in cosmetology.

The innovativeness of the approach is determined by the uniqueness of the mixing principle underlying the vortex bioreactor, which provides optimal conditions for growing sensitive cell cultures. It should be particularly noted that the Center of Vortex Technologies company has considerable experience in introducing devices with a vortex mixing method into various biotechnological processes, both laboratory and industrial scale.

The comprehensive study of the company's project, including the preparation of an application to Skolkovo, is carried out by specialists of the ANO "Koltsovo Innovation Center". The next joint stage of work is the design of the project for the Skolkovo grant application, the receipt of which will be a decisive step towards achieving the goals set by the project team.

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