06 May 2009

"Fuhrer's Children" – compromising evidence on eugenics

Nurseries for maniacs
How to solve the demographic problem if there is a crisis in the world, and you live in the Third Reich?Elena Syyanova, "Arguments of the Week" No. 16-2009

The most serious consequences of any economic crisis are demographic. The industry will eventually work, the treasury will be filled, but the country loses children who were not born on time forever. And they will no longer give birth to grandchildren, grandchildren – great-grandchildren…

Demographics of the "Millennial Reich"In the early 1930s, Germany, along with the whole of Europe, was experiencing a "systemic crisis".

One of its consequences was a drop in the birth rate. When Hitler came to power, many Germans thought that all the hard times were over. The Nazis promised to revive the power of Germany in five years, to raise the standard of living.

Now the promises had to be fulfilled. A clear proof of the success of the new regime was to be the emergence of a new healthy and strong generation of Germans.

The entire pre–war economic policy of the Third Reich is a story about how simple and shameless things (huge loans, militarization, outright robbery of their own and others) were covered up by "creative" social programs. One of them was the program... no, not an increase in the birth rate. Much wider – to increase the "Aryan population"! After all, the racial doctrine that was being implemented in parallel assumed the liberation of the country from the "inferior" (Jews, Gypsies, mentally ill, etc.). The policy of the Nazis turned into the flight of many dissenters from Germany. Consequently, the remaining "good Germans" had to work twice as hard to make up for demographic losses.

It should be noted that a number of measures that were supposed (and partially implemented) in Germany at that time were quite sound in themselves – attracting compatriots from abroad, propaganda against abortion, encouraging fertility, providing bank loans, tax benefits, child allowances to large families... Not to mention that life is life – people fall in love, get married, have children without regard to politics. In our case, the conversation is about something else. "Civilized" measures are designed for decades. But Hitler thought not so much about the people as about the coming war – and prepared the country for it. He needed an immediate return in everything. Do you need metal, fuel, tanks, submarines, planes? So, organize the economy so that all this appears quickly and more. The same is the human resource. Faster and more!

Next to serious science, there is always paranoscience. When there is an ideological order, she also seeks to declare herself. It sometimes takes caricature forms. And the specificity of a country like Nazi Germany is that the caricature turned out to be sinister. Some examples are worth remembering.

Compromising evidence on eugenicsThe solution of demographic problems in Hitler's Germany was based on the Nazi "racial doctrine", and it, in turn, referred to eugenics – the science of improving the hereditary properties of a person.

As a result, eugenics was compromised for a long time.

In the socio-philosophical aspect, eugenics proceeded from the fact that in order to prevent the decline of civilization, it is necessary to establish strict control over the birth of those whom a particular society considers "inferior". The eugenic approach to solving social problems in the XIX century was also professed by major biologists (F. Galton, G. de Vries, etc.). And in 1895, the German-Swiss psychiatrist A. Pletz branched off from eugenics "racial hygiene" and hung on scientists the moral responsibility for the selection and "abolition" of undesirable "individuals". By 1930 – three years before Hitler came to power – there were 10 branches of the "Society of Racial Hygiene" in Germany, and four in Austria. There were similar societies in other European countries. So the ground for breeding a new human population by canine methods was prepared before Hitler.

Note: even if we do not evaluate the moral aspect when discussing this issue, what is good in animal husbandry does not work in the human world. The ancient Spartans can be considered the first eugenics: they destroyed frail babies, because they believed that good warriors would not grow out of such. But after all, Suvorov was born premature and weak, for example!

The question of twinsA woman can be an Aryan a thousand times – but she carries a child for nine months.


Not so! In 1934, a letter from the Medical faculty of the University of Strasbourg came to the office of Hitler's deputy for the party Rudolf Hess. A "group of enthusiastic scientists" proposed to accelerate the solution of the demographic problem: a German woman will carry a child not in nine, but in six months! And at the same time give birth to not one, but several children – twins, triplets, even a gear. The accompanying note stated that research in this area has been conducted for many years, and not only in Germany. There was also a request for funding. It is curious that soon Hess received a slur on the anti–scientific nature of the "project", reasoned by the fact that "the twins are the seed of the devil." The "group of scientists" reacted promptly, explaining that we are not talking about twins, but about "many-year-olds".

Enthusiasts failed to accelerate the gestation of the fetus. But the "problem of twins" turned into a tragedy for future victims of Nazism: in Auschwitz, the infamous Dr. Mengele selected twins from among the prisoners and subjected them to his terrible experiments "for scientific purposes".

"The Fuhrer's Children"From time to time sensational reports flash in the press: former SS doctors allegedly admit that within the framework of the Lebensborn program there was a secret orphanage where "Hitler's children" were raised.

The Fuhrer, it is explained, by means of a special operation, a seed was obtained with which a group of specially selected Arikas was fertilized. After the war, the "children of Hitler" disappeared into the mass of people. It is quite possible that they still live under other people's names.

The Lebensborn program ("The Source of Life") is the most famous Nazi program for turning Germans into a "master race" by selective selection. Supervised by G. Himmler. "Racially pure" representatives of the "Union of German Girls" were offered to get pregnant by exemplary SS members. After that, they were sent to 12 special maternity hospitals, where elite babies were born and nursed. Later, girls from other countries (Norway, Ukraine, etc.) were also involved in "Lebensborn".

I have not seen any confirmation of this information. But "where the legs grow from" can be traced. In 1942, Bormann's office received a "popular idea": with each leader (Reichsleiter) to create a kind of "nursery" for conception, birth and upbringing of elite children. It was supposed to take away the "necessary material" from the leaders, inseminate their chosen ones and launch something like a conveyor belt for the birth of leaders genetically prepared for future leadership. This, of course, did not mean the transformation of 12 Reichsleiters into 12 padishahs: future popes were not supposed to have any pleasure. Unless it is a sense of duty fulfilled to the state.

The story had no continuation: Germany was at war, the Nazi elite was not up to it.

Why should the good go to waste?At the end of the war, Germany was already drained of blood.

This is the reason for another project that emerged in January 1945 from the depths of the Ahnenerbe Institute. A certain Dr. Ritter proposed to create "nurseries" – but not for Reichsleiters, but for those who were convicted as a "sex maniac". Ritter believed that these were the most "productive" men. It's just that after meeting them, the women should immediately leave the territory of the "nursery" – otherwise they will strangle!

Universal SoldierIn the famous film "The Dead Season", the Nazi criminal Dr. Hass discusses how, with the help of the gas he invented, people will be stamped-functions devoid of unnecessary imagination, but programmed for a certain job: a human chauffeur, a human baker...

Perhaps the authors used echoes of conversations about Hitler's program to create a "universal soldier". There is not much information about it, and you can understand something from indirect sources - but also characteristic.

German physicists constantly asked the leadership of the Reich for money for their research. And one of the trumps for knocking out funds were experiments related to the effect of radiation on plant growth. But not only plants! It was proved that in the same way it is possible to increase the growth of people – and get mighty giants capable of becoming elite warriors. (Let's not delve into it – the scientists themselves believed in it or just came up with a beautiful "lure" to knock out funds.)

After some time, a report was demanded from the experimenters. Then a former Soviet officer, Ukrainian Pavel Kochet, 2 m 10 cm tall, was selected in a prisoner of war camp. Its size was explained by the effects of radiation. Events unfolded at the end of the war, the calculation was, apparently, that no one would get their hands on detailed checks. After the war, Pavel was shaken for a long time by SMERSH, but, as far as I know, no claims were made, and his future fate turned out well.

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