23 September 2022

The law is signed

In the USA, the bodies of the deceased will be used for fertilizers


The authorities of the state of California have adopted a new law aimed at combating climate change. There is a curious point in it: residents of the state will be able to legally turn the dead into compost. Officials are sure that if the bodies of the deceased go to fertilizers, it will help to reduce the level of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Mixed with shavings: the bodies of the dead will be used for fertilizers for vegetables

According to the new law, bodies covered with wood shavings will be placed in a special container. The container will be provided with the necessary aeration, after which microbes and bacteria will take over, the Daily Mail clarifies the details.


The Law is an "alternative method of disposal" of the deceased. But its implementation will be exclusively voluntary. That is, citizens will have the right to decide for themselves what will happen to their bodies after death. It is assumed that the option to "go for fertilizers" will be chosen by those who do not want to be buried or cremated. The document has already been signed by the Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, but it will enter into force only five years later, in 2027.

How is composting the dead good for the environment?

Human composting, also known as natural organic restoration, will reduce the level of carbon dioxide emissions into the air. After all, only in the United States, at least 360,000 tons of this harmful gas are released every year during cremation — such data is provided by National Geographic.

Turning the remains of the deceased into fertilizer is a safer option for the environment, according to the author of the bill, a member of the Democratic Assembly, Cristina Garcia. It is worth noting that the new law prohibits the unification of the remains of different people, "if they are not related to each other." At the same time, the soil obtained as a result of composting can be legally sold and used, for example, for growing vegetables.

The owner of one of the funeral homes in Seattle, Micah Truman, stressed in an interview with The Guardian that the demand for such practices is growing. He added that cremation does not allow you to say goodbye to the deceased properly, and composting allows you to return a person to the family — even in the form of soil. And then relatives can, for example, plant a tree in this land.

The Catholic Church is against: if the bodies of the dead go to fertilizers, it will lead to "distance"

The new method of burial also had critics. For example, the representative of the California Catholic Conference Kathleen Domingo believes that such techniques are unacceptable to people. She explained that initially the composting process was developed for the disposal of animal carcasses. And this was mainly done to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

According to Domingo, using the same methods to "transform" human remains can lead to "undesirable spiritual, emotional and psychological distance from the deceased."

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