08 April 2014

The patient was lucky: he was not disassembled for organs alive

The paralyzed Swede sued the doctors who discussed the removal of his organs

Copper newsThe Swede, paralyzed as a result of a stroke, sued the doctors of the hospital where he was treated for informing his relatives in his presence that the patient had no chance of survival and discussed the possibility of removing organs from him for transplantation, The Daily Telegraph reports (Swedish stroke patient hears doctors discuss removing his organs).

About two years ago, 43-year-old Jimi Fritze had a stroke while on vacation on one of the islands of the Gothenburg archipelago. Due to adverse weather conditions, it took more than an hour and a half to deliver the patient by helicopter to Sahlgrenska Hospital in Gothenburg, so by the time the man was in the hospital, he was completely paralyzed. However, Fritze retained his eyesight, hearing and mental abilities, which, apparently, the doctors did not realize.

After conducting an X-ray examination of the patient's brain, the doctors in his presence informed his girlfriend that Fritz had no chance of staying alive. After these words, according to the man, he lost consciousness for a while, and when he woke up, he heard doctors discussing among themselves the possibility of removing his liver and kidneys for transplantation to other patients. When later other members of Fritze's family came to the hospital to say goodbye to him, the doctors, despite the fact that the patient's brain death was not officially registered at that time, began discussing the donation of his organs with relatives, and also in the presence of the patient. According to Fritze, he heard everything, saw everything and was terrified, being deprived of the opportunity to call someone for help and report that he was still alive.

Three days later, Fritz was saved by the return to work from vacation of a more experienced specialist, who conducted additional research, determined that the patient had a good chance of recovery, and prescribed him more intensive therapy. After a few days, Fritze's condition improved, he regained the ability to communicate with the outside world by nodding his head. Now, as a result of constant rehabilitation therapy, Fritz can speak and move, although he remains confined to a wheelchair.

According to him, he decided to file a lawsuit against Sahlgrenska Hospital in order to exclude the possibility of a similar situation with other patients in the future. A hospital spokesman has already said that an internal investigation has been launched there in connection with Fritze's lawsuit.

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