29 May 2015

Brain cancer vaccine: the result is not final, but encouraging

Tomsk journalist's brain tumor shrank
after experimental treatment in the USA

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Tomsk journalist Maxim Voronin, who is undergoing treatment for glioblastoma in the USA according to an experimental scheme, showed improvements in the results of MRI scans.

As Maxim Voronin told and showed on his Facebook, the control head shots taken the other day (on the left) are strikingly different from the pictures of three months ago (on the right): the tumor has decreased several times.

Voronin is a former correspondent of TV2, who has been living and working in Moscow for several years. Before the New Year, he was diagnosed with glioblastoma. In Russia, Germany, and then the USA, the tumor was considered inoperable. Thanks to the collected charitable funds, Maxim Voronin, accompanied by his wife, was able to visit Germany, and then go to the United States for treatment.

In Germany, Voronin underwent radiation therapy, and in the USA he was included in a sample of clinical trials of an immunotherapy regimen using the Opdivo anti-cancer vaccine (nivolumab) from Bristol-MyersSquibb. Opdivo was approved in 2014 and entered the market in December as a drug for metastatic melanoma.

Voronin quotes Jeremy Rudnik (JeremyRudnick), his attending physician from Cedars Sinai Medical Center (Cedars-Sinai Medical Center):

"You have received the best treatment that exists in the world today; for most people, these technologies will be available in 6-10 years."

"I don't have an answer whether it is possible to achieve complete disappearance of the tumor by continuing this treatment. But a patient with a similar glioblastoma, who was treated the same way as you, has been alive for six years."

"The vaccine shows such effectiveness in about half of the cases."

"Physical therapy will restore the functionality of your arm. I need a massage and stretching exercises. The changes in the muscles are reversible."

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