14 December 2012

Fill the wound in the stomach with foam

Foam that stops internal bleeding has been created

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American scientists have created a foam designed to stop internal bleeding, according to the online publication Dvice (DARPA working on sci-fi-style stabilizing foam for wounds). The development, which has successfully passed preclinical tests, was funded by the American Agency for Innovative Research Projects in the Field of Defense (DARPA).

DARPA was interested in developing a technique to increase the survival rate of soldiers who, as a result of trauma on the battlefield, had internal bleeding in the abdominal (abdominal) cavity. For these purposes, scientists from Arsenal Medical have developed a polymer foam that reduces blood loss by six times.

The foam is formed by two liquid polymers, which expand and solidify as a result of interaction – this happens after the introduction of polymers into the abdominal cavity. It has a compression effect on the wound and stops bleeding for one to three hours. After the patient is taken to the hospital, the foam is easily surgically removed.

The results of preclinical tests conducted on a model of lethal liver injury in pigs were presented at the annual meeting of the American Association of Surgery and Traumatology (American Association for the Surgery of Trauma). According to the data obtained, the survival rate with foam three hours after the start of bleeding increased from 8 to 72 percent, and blood loss decreased six times.

Currently, there are no methods to stop internal bleeding in the abdominal cavity. "The best way out in such situations is to recognize internal bleeding and deliver the patient to one of the centers specially created for the treatment of severe injuries, where doctors will quickly assess his condition and operate," the BBC quotes (Battle wound foam secures Pentagon funding) surgeon Michael Walsh.

To conduct further research, Arsenal Medical received additional funding from DARPA in the amount of $ 15.5 million.

Earlier, another group of American scientists for the treatment of emphysema of the lungs developed a composition resembling mounting foam. Polymer foam mixed with air is delivered to the affected areas of the lungs, hardens and as a result reduces the volume of the lungs, as well as normalizes breathing.

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