08 December 2010

Internship at Procter &Gamble

Procter & Gamble invites you to take an internship at one of the European research centers. The Research & Development Internship 2011 program involves three research centers in England, three in Germany, one in Belgium and two in Italy. The internship program is a sure way to become one of the employees of P&G research centers in Europe or Asia in the future. This is an opportunity for you to gain practical work experience and evaluate us as potential employers, and for us to evaluate your abilities.

Such an internship usually takes place during the summer holidays and lasts 10-12 weeks, but we also offer internships for longer periods (up to one year) at different times of the year. Interns at the same time receive a decent salary.

While participating in the program, you:You will be able to develop your own project (or projects), being a member of the European team, which includes senior managers of the company,

  • Get the opportunity to realize your technical abilities in solving complex problems,
  • Improve your managerial and teamwork skills,
  • Learn how to work effectively with people of different nationalities and cultures,
  • Get work experience in a leading international company and
  • Learn the main directions of her professional development.

We invite Russian citizens, students of the last 2 years of study and postgraduates specializing in natural sciences (chemistry, chemical production, mechanics, physics, biology) to participate in the program. In addition to excellent technical skills and a good knowledge of English, applicants for participation in our program require creative thinking abilities, initiative and a penchant for invention, sociability, leadership skills and the ability to work in a team.

You can apply for participation in the Research & Development Internship 2011 program until February 11, 2011. Portal "Eternal youth" http://vechnayamolodost.ru


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