12 November 2014

Starve the tumor?

Prostate cancer was "turned off" with the help of a "hunger strike"

Copper newsBritish scientists have found out that several courses of injections of a chemical compound created by them can stop the development of malignant tumors, including prostate cancer.

The results of the study are published in the journal Oncogene: Mavrou et al., Serine-arginine protein kinase 1 (SRPK1) inhibition as a potential novel targeted therapeutic strategy in prostate cancer.

The enzyme SRPK1 (serine-arginineproteinkinase1) plays an important role in angiogenesis – the process of formation of new blood vessels. The intensity of this process increases with the restoration of damaged tissues, as well as with the development of tumors and the formation of metastases.

SPRK1 in benign (left) and cancerous (right) prostate tissue samples
(figure from the Bristol University press release Molecular breakthrough could halt the spread of prostate cancer – VM).

A study by a research team from the Universities of Bristol and Nottingham showed that a substance that suppresses the activity of this enzyme prevents the formation of blood vessels that feed tumor tissues and prevents the spread of neoplasms.

In experiments, mice were injected with an SRPK1 inhibitor three times a week, as a result of which the development of prostate cancer stopped in animals. For the tumor to develop, a constant flow of blood with nutrients is necessary, therefore, a decrease in the activity of the SRPK1 enzyme with the help of an inhibitor reduced the access of nutrients to the tumor and stopped its development.

Scientists plan to continue studying the promising compound developed by the pharmaceutical company Exonate, and if the data on its safety and effectiveness are confirmed in larger studies, its effect will be tested in clinical trials in the future.

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