13 May 2015

Stem cell proteins restore bone tissue

Researchers from the Gladstone Institutes, working under the guidance of Dr. Todd McDevitt, have developed a new approach to repairing bone tissue damage using protein products of stem cells.

The modern method of restoring bone damage, considered the "gold standard", involves the use of the so–called demineralized bone matrix - a substance obtained as a result of grinding bones in order to isolate proteins and growth factors from them that stimulate the growth of new tissue. However, this approach has serious limitations, since the content of the necessary signaling molecules in the bones of cadaveric donors used as raw materials varies widely. Moreover, donor bone tissue is not always available.

Stem cell transplantation to repair damage is a very promising alternative, but it is associated with the risk of tumor growth. The authors propose a fundamentally new solution to this problem, which consists in using an extract of protein factors synthesized by stem cells.

As part of the study, they cultured mouse pluripotent embryonic cells in an environment containing osteogenic factors, which ensured their transformation into early bone progenitor cells. After that, the factors produced by these cells necessary for the formation of new bone tissue were isolated from the medium, and the resulting extract was injected into the tissue of the calf muscles of the hind limbs of mice.

35 days after the procedure, the scientists analyzed the bone tissue formed at the injection site, which did not differ in quantity or structure from the bone tissue formed in the muscle tissue of mice after the introduction of demineralized bone matrix isolated from the bones of cadaveric donors.

The authors believe that their proposed technology can be used to treat patients with severe limb injuries sustained during combat operations or as a result of accidents.

Article by Ken Sutha et al. Osteogenic Embryoid Body-Derived Material Induces Bone Formation In Vivo is published in open access in the journal Scientific Reports.

Evgeniya Ryabtseva
Portal "Eternal youth" http://vechnayamolodost.ru based on the materials of Gladstone Institutes:
Scientists Regenerate Bone Tissue Using Only Proteins Secreted by Stem Cells.


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