09 June 2022

Mushrooms on the windowsill

The British have created a smart farm for growing mushrooms at home

Alice Rodina, N+1


The English company Shrooly Smart Device presented a farm of the same name for growing mushrooms at home. The device regulates and maintains the level of illumination, humidity and air flow inside the chamber, depending on the type of mushrooms. Manufacturers also presented briquettes inoculated with fungal spores that need to be placed inside the farm. The developers claim that it will take from seven to ten days for the crop to grow from one briquette. The project has already collected the necessary amount for the launch on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.

Growing mushrooms at home is not easy. For the cultivation and cultivation of mushrooms in an apartment, in addition to a small free room, some mushroom growing skills are also needed. Moreover, for a home mushroom farm, it is necessary to periodically buy or independently produce a special nutrient substrate, since mushrooms do not grow in ordinary soil and it will not be possible to simply plant them in a pot with earth.

For those who want to grow mushrooms at home, but are not ready to seriously dive into mushroom farming, the British have come up with a Shrooly device that can be controlled through an application. To grow a mushroom crop, you need to place a briquette from the manufacturer inoculated with spores of various edible mushrooms inside the farm, select the desired type in the application and click start. The device itself will regulate the required level of illumination, humidity and air intake. After 7-10 days (depending on the variety), the user will be able to harvest mushrooms.


According to the manufacturer, the blocks for growing mushrooms are completely organic and are made from recycled materials. Each new block costs $12. Currently, briquettes with spores of meitake, crested hedgehog, royal oyster mushroom, trametes multicolored, shiitake, chestnut mushroom, yellow hedgehog and cordyceps are offered for cultivation. The creators also note that users will be able to use homemade briquettes, but for this they will have to build settings (humidity, fresh air flow) independently in accordance with the needs of a specific type of mushrooms.

It is assumed that mass production of Shrooly will begin at the end of summer 2022, and in December of the same year it is planned to send pre-orders. On pre-order, the gadget costs $ 299, the retail price will be $ 448.

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