18 May 2021

There is no beginning and no end

The founder of Moderna created a company to work with the technology of "infinite RNA"

Nikolay Sokolov, Farmvestnik

Founder of Moderna Avak Kahvedjian has created another company called Laronde, writes BioPharmaDive. The new company will be engaged in the development and application of eRNA technology (endless RNA – "infinite RNA").

Informational RNA gives cells instructions about which proteins need to be produced. However, these instructions in the form of genetic material are usually not stored for a long time, because in order to maintain order and protect against external threats, cells "disassemble" them.


Unlike typical matrix RNA, which is linear, eRNA has the shape of a ring. In the ring structure, eRNA has no free ends for which enzymes could cling and start the disassembly process. This means that it could theoretically remain active longer and promote protein expression for weeks or months.

"Imagine if we could give people a tiny piece of eRNA and people could then produce their own self-repairing proteins in their own body. Just think about how this will change the way we think about medicines and what medicines are," said Laronde CEO Diego Miralles.

Laronde believes that the eRNA platform it has developed can overcome the challenges faced by other RNA-based technologies. It will help to make the drugs more stable, more long-acting, and also funds on this basis can be administered in several ways.

Kahvedjian will receive $50 million from Flagship Pioneering, which specializes in venture investments and with which he has been in partnership for about 10 years. Laronde plans to hire more than 200 people in the next two years, as well as build a modular and scalable factory for clinical and commercial production.

The company also sets itself a rather ambitious goal – to produce up to 100 eRNA-based medicines over the next decade. In addition, the company will sell some therapeutic methods and drugs.

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