17 July 2019

Biohacking Conference Moscow

Sports coaches, doctors and scientists on how to live longer and better

Increasing the duration and quality of life is the main task of biohacking. In Russia, this direction has become popular largely due to the resonant publication of biohacker Sergey Fage, published in 2017. Now, among biohacking enthusiasts in the country, you can find specialists of various profiles.

On September 19, all of them will meet at the Biohacking Conference Moscow – an event for those who want to prolong and improve the quality of life with the help of new scientific achievements.


At the Biohacking Conference Moscow they will tell:

  • what qualified doctors say about biohacking;

  • why do people voluntarily implant themselves with a microchip;

  • brain biohacking: why people want to increase its efficiency;

  • why mental health is an important element of biohacking;

  • about research in molecular biology and genetic engineering;

  • about the ketogenic diet: why it is popular and what is important to know;

  • about sports: why it is important for biohackers to keep fit.

Here you will receive recommendations from leading biohackers and doctors on the formation of a diet, including a ketogenic diet and periodic fasting. You will also be provided with personal advice on dietary supplements, sleep and proper physical activity. Learn how to make life healthier and more comfortable at the Biohacking Conference Moscow!

Follow the updates on the website so as not to miss the start of registration.

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