15 March 2010

Free radical medicine and antioxidant therapy

Volgograd State Medical University (VolGMU) and the Volgograd Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and the Administration of the Volgograd Region invite you to take part in the Third Scientific and Practical Symposium "Free Radical Medicine and antioxidant Therapy".

Additionally, within the framework of this thematic interdisciplinary symposium, lectures of the School of Young Researchers "Modern problems of free radical biology and Medicine" are planned.

We invite researchers working in the relevant thematic field of fundamental and applied medical and biological research to take part in the Symposium "Free Radical Medicine and Antioxidant Therapy". You can take part in the Symposium both with the presentation of works and without them, as a participant-listener.

Main areas of work:Free radical processes and antioxidant system of cells, tissues, organs and the whole organism

  • Regulation of the oxidative-antioxidant balance in biological systems
  • Physiological role and pathological significance of reactive oxygen species and free radicals in the body
  • Study of the effects and mechanisms of action of natural and synthetic antioxidants
  • Approaches to the rational use of medicines with antioxidant effect in medicine
  • Diagnosis and prevention of conditions accompanied by an imbalance between antioxidants and oxidants

Planned dates: May 12-14, 2010
Venue: Volgograd, Fallen Fighters Square, 1, Volgograd State Medical University

Deadline for applications and abstracts: April 20, 2010

Email address: new.antioxidants@gmail.comFor more information, see the Conference page on the Internet.

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