22 October 2020

OpenBio: Intellectual property

Deal with Intelligence on OpenBio

The OpenBio-2020 forum will discuss the protection and management of intellectual property, venture investment and models for startups entering foreign markets. The event will take place on October 30 in the Koltsovo science city of the Novosibirsk region.

An important part of the forum is an expert seminar and a master class "Deal with intelligence". The events for innovators will be held by Andrey Moskvich, Patent Attorney of the Russian Federation, Head of the Intellectual Property Department of Sirius University (Imereti Valley, Sochi).

The expert will talk about intellectual property management strategies in the field of biotechnologies and biopharmaceuticals, share a model for startups to enter foreign markets and analyze the cases of listeners about their experience in obtaining investment for development. At the end of the master class, Moskvich will hold a competition among startup participants to identify the two most prepared teams for commercialization. Each winner will receive a certificate for a range of consulting services, preparation of documents or negotiations from Andrey Moskvich's legal team.

"My idea is to make a practical session and share the experience of working with large foreign and domestic companies, which should be passed on to the participants. It is important for me to see specific cases and solutions from Novosibirsk startups so that they can be disassembled," the expert shared his expectations.

Andrey Moskvich has been protecting intellectual property for many years. Previously, he worked as a lawyer at Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt (Canada), where he analyzed Airbus, Bombardier and Reebok cases, prepared patent applications, and drew up conclusions on patentability. Later, Moskvich created a patent department at Yandex LLC and implemented standards for the protection of technologies and brands of Biocad CJSC in 86 countries around the world. Another expert founded the platform FileWorldwide.com to automate the filing of applications for patents, trademarks, constituent documents and lawsuits in courts, state and patent offices of the EU, India, China and the USA.

 "Intellectual property is a competitive tool that makes it possible to legally justify monopolies allowed by the state. This tool allows you to compete and protect products and brands. Intellectual property protection allows the manufacturer to maintain its market share in order to develop its technology, product or treatment method and recoup the invested funds. In fact, intellectual property is a barter between the state and the inventor, so that the inventor shares his inventions with society in exchange for monopoly and protection," Andrey Moskvich explained the subject of his activity.

Muscovite assesses the Russian intellectual property market in two ways. On the one hand, the expert sees that in recent years there have been more courts and proceedings on intellectual rights, market participants have become better able to understand and evaluate the meaning and value of intellectual property. On the other hand, large Western companies that have been on the Russian market since 1992 have become less and less likely to receive patents here, because they trust the legal and legislative system less.

"We can also identify several trends: new initiatives have appeared to regulate patent attorneys, the first loan from a private bank was issued for a patent portfolio, the tax authorities began to think that intellectual property should be evaluated not by a costly, but by a market model," Andrei Moskvich said.

The intellectual property market in biopharmaceuticals has its own characteristics. According to the Muscovite, everything can be protected in biopharma and legally prevent competitors from producing a product with similar characteristics.

"It is also possible to protect any production processes, compositions, storage methods. In biopharmaceuticals, any violations can be proved. For lawyers and patent attorneys, this is a practical branch of work," the expert explained.

The biopharma segment has the same development trends as in the entire intellectual property market in Russia. "Historically, when the USSR collapsed, many foreign companies entered Russia, which had enough funds to hire specialists to protect their rights, develop brands and obtain patents. This dominance of Western capital continued until 2015-16, when the patents expired. Then there was a turning point: domestic companies began to recruit their teams of patent specialists and received their own significant market share and share of intellectual property. I think in the next few years we will see how Russian companies will actively work and protect their rights both here and in the EU," the Muscovite said.

The Organizing Committee of OpenBio informs that it will take all measures to ensure the epidemiological safety of participants at the forum sites.

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