22 March 2019

Russian Tech Week

On May 22-24, 2019, the Technocrat company is holding a large–scale conference in Moscow - "Russian Tech Week 2019".


"Russian Tech Week 2019" is a three–day immersion into the world of the digital economy from the Technocrat company, for which you will gain knowledge and connections that will take years. More than 100 top speakers will speak at the event, who will tell step by step about innovative technologies for solving business problems and demonstrate real cases. You will meet with leading experts, get acquainted with the founders of startup projects, potential investors and get the opportunity to discuss issues that interest you in an informal setting.

The conference will cover the following topics:

– Neural networks, artificial intelligence and machine learning in the service of business
– Advanced technologies in the financial industry
– Virtual and augmented reality
– Innovative technologies for HR
– Advanced marketing technologies
– Analytical tools for business
– New approaches to management for managers of different levels
– Solutions for business using blockchain technologies
– Investment Summit: how to invest, where, how to choose projects for investment, what are the pitfalls
– Current legislation and regulatory practice in the field of IT technologies in Russia and the world
– and much more.

Among the speakers of the conference:

– Boris Kim – Co-Founder and CEO, QIWI
– Sergey Doschenko – Executive Director, Gartner
– Alexey Kudachkin – Product Manager of the Information Technology Innovation Department, Gazprombank
– Yuri Sirota – Senior Vice President, Head of the Department of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis, Uralsib Bank
– Egor Safrygin – Marketing Director, AlfaStrakhovanie
– Elena Reverend – Marketing Director, BCS broker
– Evgeny Jamalov – Head of the Innovation Department, M.Video-Eldorado Group
– Roman Shempel – Partner Manager, IBM
– Dmitry Korobchenko – deep learning R&D engineer, NVIDIA
– Matvey Kardash – Development Director, amoCRM
– Sergey Kuleshov – Deputy General Director, 1C-Bitrix
– Alexander Fonarev – Chief Data Scientist and founder of Rubbles, teacher of machine learning at the Yandex School of Data Analysis
– Yuri Sochnov – Marketing and Communications Director, WWF Russia.

What will participation in the conference give you?

– You will understand innovative technologies and the prospects of their application.
What are they like? How do they work? What is the fundamental principle and where is the revolution here. Detailed step-by-step analysis with cases and examples.
– You will see the applied value on the example of large companies and startups.
You will understand how new technologies can be implemented in practice: cases of large businesses and small startups that already use innovative technologies.
– Recharge with new ideas for business and investment.
Invest in innovation and earn tens of thousands of dollars. Corporations are already launching new directions, and small startup teams have been attracting millions to their projects for several months.
– Acquire new acquaintances, connections and business contacts.
The conference participants are the core of the audience interested in advanced technologies and the development of business projects. Maximum concentration of the Russian business community.

Book seats in advance with a 5% discount by promo code: IFPCRTW-VECHNAYAMOLODOST, by phone +7(499)348-20-04 or on the website: https://bit.ly/2TnUvuw

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