07 December 2022

Science + Business

The IX Congress "Science plus Business" will be held in Moscow


On December 13-15, the IX Congress "Innovative Practice: Science plus Business" will be held in Moscow, organized by the Lomonosov Moscow State University and the non-governmental Development Institute Innopraktika. The Congress will last three days and will be held in a mixed format: speakers will discuss issues at the event site, and participants will be able to join the event remotely.

The IX Congress "Innovative Practice: Science plus Business" will traditionally bring together representatives of science, culture, business, and government to discuss the role and impact of the value approach on the country's economy and society. The flagship thematic focus of the Congress events will be the task of consolidating the efforts of all interested parties in order to achieve the total sovereignty of Russia.

"Today, the task of achieving sovereignty is more urgent than ever for our country. Technologies do not arise by themselves: their appearance and formation are in conjunction with the development of human potential, culture, science, business. That is why today it is important to combine solutions, proposals and roadmaps − cultural, economic, informational, technological aspects that contribute to the preservation of national identity – in order to form tasks for achieving a single, cumulative sovereignty of the country, - said Natalia Popova, First Deputy General Director of Innopraktika. –

We hope that the involvement of all interested parties in the discussion of the tasks of the future of our country within the Congress will help to find solutions in key areas of activity to achieve the sovereignty of the state in various fields of activity."

The IX Congress will open the plenary session "Total Russian Sovereignty: the value of combining the efforts of science, business and government." Who will be the driver of the transition from the export of raw materials to the creation of high-tech industries? What factors influence the strengthening of the unity of Russian society, the protection of traditional spiritual and cultural values? How to preserve national identity and at the same time actively develop international cooperation? These and other issues are on the agenda of the key session opening the IX Congress "Innovative Practice: Science plus Business".

Subsequent events of the Congress will be presented in the format of thematic tracks.

The Territory of Science, Culture and Sports will bring together representatives of these spheres to discuss the relevance of creating an intersectoral communication environment in order to implement an innovative approach to the health of the population and the preservation of traditional Russian spiritual and moral values.

The territory "Assets of the Future" will be devoted to new formats of cooperation between universities, business and the state, the development of strategic partnership with other countries, the involvement of young people in innovative activities through educational programs in engineering, agrogenetics and other promising areas of the economy. Speakers will analyze the processes of integration of school and higher education, work practices in the regions, and invited young scientists - participants of the TV show "Challenge" - will share their experience in building an educational trajectory to achieve success.

Within the framework of the "Territory of Technological Entrepreneurship", experts will consider mechanisms of cooperation between universities, large, medium and small enterprises to synchronize the tasks of science, business and the state in order to increase the efficiency of scientific and technological development and ensure the technological sovereignty of the country.

The IX Congress "Innovative Practice: Science plus Business" invited top officials and leading specialists of Russian companies, government agencies, development funds and investment organizations, representatives of universities, research institutes, as well as high-tech Russian companies and enterprises.

To participate in the event, you must register on the official website by December 8, 2022 https://scienceplusbusiness.ru /

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