24 July 2019

Tech Week 19

The Tech Week platform brings together the best entrepreneurs from different parts of Russia and abroad twice a year. The organizers plan to gather 2,000 people at the autumn meeting. The conference will be attended by more than 200 speakers, among whom 5 leading foreign entrepreneurs are scheduled to speak. Traditionally, an exhibition of smart projects for solving business problems will function during the event.

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Tech Week 19 is a three–day applied conference and exhibition about innovative technologies for business. Unlike other events, Tech Week is a huge educational hub where people communicate, get inspired and can find ready–made solutions for their business. The knowledge and content presented at the event is definitely not on the Internet. The connections that can be obtained during the conference have been developed over the years.

The current event will be held on the basis of the Skolkovo Technology Park. Within the event:

– Pre-party evening;
– Multi-format conference;
– Technology Exhibition;
– Day of applied master classes;
– Access to an online platform with video recordings of reports and presentations.

11 thematic streams will be held on one site:

– Digital transformation of business;
– Fintech;
– Artificial intelligence and big data;
– Virtual and augmented reality;
– Digital marketing;
– Digital Sales;
– Business analytics;
– Management methodologies;
– HR-tech;
– Product & Design Management;
– Blockchain.

Among the speakers:

– Nadezhda Surova – Member of the Council for the Development of the Digital Economy under the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation
– Mikhail Matveev – Director of Digital Transformation, VTB
– Sergey Lukashkin – Director of Digital Transformation Project Management, VTB
– Sergey Parshikov – Project Director of the Digital Corporate Bank Division, Corporate Investment Business Unit, Sberbank
– Bogdan Shevchenko – Director of the Internet Projects Department, Home Credit Bank
– Alexey Kudachkin – Product Manager of the Information Technology Innovation Department, Gazprombank
– Maxim Avdeev – Founder and CEO, QIWI Platform
– Stanislav Milykh – Project Manager for the implementation of artificial intelligence, Megafon
– Elena Kaplieva – Head of Digital Marketing, MTS
– Elena Lovochkina – Head of Business Process Automation Department, HR Management Unit, MTS
– Eduard Segal – Head of Direction, Digital Identity Project Office, Rostelecom
– Olesya Mashkova – Innovation Manager, Vkusville
– Vitaly Porubov – Head of Strategy and Innovation, X5 Retail Group
– Alexey Aldoshkin – Investment Project Analyst at AtomInvest, Rosatom State Corporation
– Yuri Bubnov – Leading Engineer of the Research and Development Department, Siemens Russia
– Mikhail Vysokovsky – Head of service, Yandex.Navigator
and many others (download the conference program).

Why is it necessary to study the process of introducing digital technologies into business and what successful cases are there right now:

Leroy Merlin Case: mobile applications in Retail and the trend in AR
Problem: Today, a retailer needs to try very hard to turn a mobile application user into a regular customer. It is estimated that in Russia, about 72% of users who use a smartphone to search for the right product, first study the information. Consequently, the mobile version of the site is inferior to the application in many matters. The application is more convenient for performing local and many other tasks. That's what about 62% of users think.
Solution: Leroy Merlin, in collaboration with Nullgravity, presented a mobile application that added an augmented reality feature. The client can "try on" furniture or decorative elements in his interior in real time. If you like the result, you can immediately purchase the selected product. If not, the application will provide alternative options.
Conclusion: The implementation of AR has demonstrated excellent results. The number of app installations has increased by 1000%. The updated Leroy Merlin application was noticed not only by regular customers, but also by the media, which made it possible to significantly expand the client audience.

The event is organized by the Technocrat company. She has had successful conferences behind her:

– Russian Blockchain Week (PRUE im. Plekhanova, 2017-2018);
– Russian Tech Week (Skolkovo, 2018-2019);
– Digital technologies in Retail (Deworkacy, 2019).

Conference Partners:


Why it's worth visiting Tech Week:

– Get an advantage over your competitors.
Change your mind, find new connections and ready-made solutions for your business.

– Top speakers.
Listen to more than 200 reports from the best experts in their field.

– Practical workshops.
Get to know the practical side of technology implementation by working in a team.

– Exhibition of smart projects.
Get acquainted with more than 80 technological solutions in the expo zone.

– Presentation of your project.
Rent a booth and tell us about your company. Get quick feedback about your product.

– Networking.
Exchange ideas with colleagues and speakers in an informal setting at a pre-party evening.

Book seats in advance with a 10% discount on the promo code: IFPCRTW-VECHNAYAMOLODOST by phone +7 (499) 348-20-04 or on the website.

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