23 March 2017

An explanation of abnormal infertility of women is proposed


Researchers from Baylor College of Medicine have found a possible cause of previously unexplained infertility in women. In their opinion, pathology occurs due to a genetic mutation. The scientists' article was published in the journal Scientific Reports. This is reported by the website Medicalexpress (Gene mutation may be linked to unexplained female infertility).

According to experts, doctors do not know what factors cause infertility in 10-15 percent of cases. However, scientists have found that changes in DNA that lead to the loss of functions of NLRP family genes contribute to the abnormal development of the placenta, the loss of an embryo before the implantation stage or the appearance of a child with malformations. These mutations, according to researchers, may be the cause of infertility of unclear genesis.

To confirm the effect of inactivation of NLRP2 and NLRP7 genes on women's reproductive abilities, scientists used a mouse model. Although rodents are carriers of only the first gene, experts have suggested that its role is similar to NLRP7.

The genetically modified mice, in which the activity of the corresponding DNA was blocked, looked normal. However, the females, as it turned out, could not get pregnant or gave offspring with developmental disorders. The same mutation in males had no effect.

Article by Mahadevan et al. Materially expressed NLRP2 links the subcortical maternal complex (SCMC) to fertility, embryogenesis and epigenetic reprogramming published in the journal Scientific Reports – VM.

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