01 June 2015

Search for "pharmaceutical" genes

KFU scientists will check the population of Russia for the presence of "variations" of the genome

Natalia Doroshkevich, KFU Press ServiceKazan Federal University, together with the RIKEN Research Institute (Japan), will begin to conduct unique research in the field of medicine.

One of them is a survey of the Russian population for the presence of polymorphisms – "variations" of the genome that affect a person's sensitivity to drugs and other biological effects. According to Oleg Gusev, a leading researcher at the Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology of KFU, the only reference base of polymorphisms is a list approved by the FDA (USA).

"There is simply no systematic data on Russia! In Japan, by the way, the same problem and genotyping is carried out in separate clinics on a voluntary basis," the scientist said. – There is a separate question about ethnospecificity. We have dozens of nationalities in the country!".

To solve this strategic and practical problem, the Pharmaco-FANTOM program will be implemented, within the framework of which the efforts of a number of clinics in Russia will be combined and the structure of several dozen "pharmaceutical genes" in different ethnic groups (including Japanese) will be viewed.

According to Oleg Gusev, this study will help the country save billions of rubles, and if the results show that additional research is needed due to the ethnogenetic characteristics of the Russian population, then the issue will concern the country's national security in the field of medicine.

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