23 May 2012

The Yeti hunting season has been announced

Scientists will take on the DNA of the bigfoot

Dmitry Tselikov, CompulentaThe alleged remains of the yeti may be under the microscopes of the staff of the University of Oxford (UK) and the Zoological Museum of Lausanne (Switzerland).

The Oxford-Lausanne Collateral Hominid project was created specifically to encourage people and institutions that own collections of cryptozoological material to finally engage in its analysis. Anyone (yes, anyone) can report samples of organic remains indicating where and when they were found.

After the database reaches a reasonable size, the researchers will select the most interesting samples (hair is most desirable) and ask the owners to provide them for rigorous genetic analysis. The results will be published in peer-reviewed journals.

Legends about the Yeti in various variations exist among many peoples, hence the variety of names: bigfoot, sasquatch, bigfoot, almast, fur-de, monk-pendek, etc. "Some say that these are descendants of other representatives of the genus Homo – Neanderthals or Flores man; others believe that these are large primates like gigantopithecus, also considered extinct; others are sure that these are not yet studied primate species or local subspecies of black and brown bears," summarizes Brian Sykes from Oxford.

And he adds: "Science has not yet been convinced by any of these explanations, both due to the lack of verifiable data, and due to the abundance of ordinary lies. However, recent advances in methods of genetic analysis of organic remains make it possible to identify genera and species objectively and unambiguously, which will exclude falsification. It is quite possible that the scientific study of these samples will tell about how Neanderthals and other early hominids interacted and spread around the world."

If a yeti scalp is stored in your shed and you are eager to verify its authenticity, be sure to visit the project's website.

Prepared based on the materials of Wired UK: Oxford University to probe 'yeti' DNA.

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