27 November 2023

Scientists named two foods that take years off your life - people lose 10 years each

Nutrition significantly affects our life expectancy - this is the conclusion once again reached by foreign researchers. According to the work, in which experts have analyzed the diet of almost half a million Britons, people who eat right for a long time and keep this habit, can extend their lives by about 10 years, reports Pronews.

Refusal of what food contributes to this and what products prematurely destroy the body, explained Professor of Nutrition at the University of Bergen (Norway) Lars Fadnes.

He noted that refused in the experiment from sweet drinks and processed meat men lived 10.8 years more than those who did not exclude from the diet of these products. Approximately the same indicator and women.

It is also specified that the volunteers replaced in the diet of harmful fats and snacks with whole-grain products, fruits, vegetables and nuts. All participants of the experiment, who achieved such results, made changes in their lives just after the age of 40.

"The benefits for volunteers who changed their diet at around age 70 were smaller, but still significant," the publication notes, citing experts.

As Lars Fadnes added, "our work has shown once again that the higher the quality of a person's diet, the more it helps to increase life expectancy."

In addition to the risk of cancer, lemonade or other sweet sodas every day several times accelerates the approach of senile dementia, previously noted Mark Gadzian, MD, surgeon and oncourologist.

He also cited the results of researchers, including specialists from the University of Leeds, who found that eating just 25 grams of processed meat a day increases the risk of dementia by 44%.

In addition, eating processed meat has long been linked to a higher risk of cancer.

Earlier, researchers from the Pennington Center for Biomedical Research found that intentional calorie reduction can not only improve health, but also extend a person's life. Calorie restriction improves metabolic and immune responses that affect longevity, the researchers noted.

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