18 May 2011

A prize and a trip to Kentucky to the one who will feed the animals the best :)

Alltech invites students and graduates to take part in the competition with papers on topics related to animal feeding technologies, agricultural development and agricultural management.

The Alltech Young Scientist Contest is designed to bring together the brightest young minds from colleges and universities around the world. We invite students and graduates to take part in the competition by registering on the website and submitting their work on topics such as feeding technologies, agricultural development or agricultural management.

The Alltech Young Scientist Contest was invented by Alltech to emphasize the company's commitment to science and education. Alltech has organized a competition jointly with livestock, food and agricultural research departments at various universities around the world to encourage research and development of talented youth.

The program provides a unique opportunity for young scientists to interact with one of the leaders of the animal feeding industry. The competition is held in three stages: local, regional and international, both for students and graduates. Alltech invites students and graduates to take part in the local stage of the competition.

Participants must submit work on one of the topics listed on the website and related to agriculture. The winners of the local stage will take part in a regional selection, in which their works will be evaluated, and one winner from each of the five world continents will be selected. These regional winners will participate in the final stage of the competition, which will be held as part of the Alltech International Symposium on Animal Health and Feeding, which will be held from May 22 to 25, 2012 at the Alltech headquarters in Kentucky.

The winners in the categories "Students" and "Graduates" will receive awards in the amount of 5 and 10 thousand dollars, respectively. To take part in the competition, students or graduates must write a paper on topics related to animal husbandry, dairy cattle breeding, veterinary medicine, agronomy, biological sciences or other disciplines close to the listed.

Fully completed registration forms with works must be submitted no later than 23 hours 59 minutes on December 31, 2011. You can get more detailed information and register for participation in the contest on the contest website.

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