19 March 2012

Additional competition of the Internet Olympiad on nanotechnology

Competition of research papers of students, postgraduates, young scientists

Within the framework of the VI All-Russian Internet Olympiad on Nanotechnology, conducted by Lomonosov Moscow State University and the RUSNANO Foundation for Infrastructure and Educational Programs, a competition for research works of students, postgraduates, young scientists is announced, a traditional competition of educational and methodological works for teachers, teachers, as well as in the field of social aspects of nanotechnology is held. Registration is required to participate in the contest.

The competition is supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, NT MDT, AFK Sistema, Samsung.

Thematic areas of the competition:

  • Functional nanomaterials
  • Nanophysics and nanoelectronics
  • Ecology, nanomedicine, nanobiotechnology
  • Structural nanomaterials
  • Synthesis and analysis of nanoobjects
  • Alternative energy
  • Photonics and nanophotonics
  • Carbon nanomaterials
  • Creative works
  • Social aspects of nanotechnology
  • Educational and methodical works

The deadline for accepting works for the competition is from March 15 to April 5, 2012 inclusive.

The time of the competition with the protection of research papers is during the Lomonosov Youth Conference (Lomonosov Moscow State University) from April 9 to 13.

The best nonresident participants will be accommodated in the MSU dormitory, about which the organizing committee informs the participant by e-mail as the works are received.

The winners and prize-winners of the competition will be determined as a result of an open oral presentation and will receive certificates of winners and prize-winners of the young scientists competition. Prize-winners and winners will receive prizes and valuable prizes from the organizers and partners of the contest. The winning works will be recommended for publication (after processing) in the journals "Reports of the Academy of Sciences" (Chemistry), "Alternative Energy and Ecology", "Russian Nanotechnology".

The competition at Lomonosov Moscow State University will include:

  1. arrival on April 9 (it is possible to attend the opening of the Lomonosov conference),
  2. registration on April 10, familiarization with the scientific directions of the MSU faculties,
  3. reports (oral defense) of participants – April 11 and 12,
  4. lectures and presentations on working with modern equipment,
  5. communication of participants with employer companies (RUSNANO, NT MDT, AFK Sistema), representatives of institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, faculties of Moscow State University and other universities on new master's programs - April 13,
  6. awarding of the best participants with prizes and valuable gifts on behalf of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs and Design Companies of RUSNANO – April 13.
  7. awarding of the best participants with the prizes named after Academician V.A.Legasov, Academician A.V.Novoselova, Academician V.I.Spitsin, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences N.N.Oleinikov on behalf of Moscow University - April 13.
  8. awarding of the best participants with prizes and valuable gifts on behalf of NT MDT – April 13,
  9. awarding valuable prizes to the best works of graduate students on behalf of AFC /NUM"System" and "Elevator to the Future" Programs (April 13) on the following topics:
  • nanomaterials for energy efficiency (including alternative energy)
  • methods of nanomaterials research
  • nanomaterials for biomedical diagnostics and visualization
  • nanomaterials for regenerative medicine and therapy
  • scientific and technical foresight in the field of nanotechnology
  • scientific journalism in the nanoindustry and nanoobrazovanie

Details are available on the Nanometer website.

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