19 April 2019

AI in Pharmacology

HIMRAR, the Neuronet Industry Union and MIPT announced an open competition for solutions in the field of drug development using AI technology


– AI in creating virtual libraries of connections with activity prediction and patentability;
– AI in the analysis of preclinical and clinical research data;
– AI in the diagnosis and treatment of CNS diseases;
– AI solutions in drug repositioning and pharmacovigilance, search for new indications.

Requirements for the participants of the competition:

– The team consists of 2 or more people. In the absence of a team, you can apply for participation in the competition, while you will need to team up with other single participants in a team or with one of the teams
– Is your team developing a new product/service or are you developing your current product/service in the field of drug development using AI
– The presence of at least one person with entrepreneurial experience in the team
– The presence of at least one person in the team with competencies in the field of AI or in the field of drug development.

The winners of the contest will receive:

– An order for the pilot implementation of its solution from the HimRar Group of Companies
– The opportunity to attract investments for the development of your product or service from the HimRar Group of Companies or from partners
– The opportunity to receive project grants within the framework of the MIPT Competence Center for AI.

You can find out more details and submit an application on the contest website.

If you have any questions, write info@startech.vc or call +7 (926) 106-5941

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