03 June 2019

Bio/mol/text – 2019

Participate in the contest "Bio /mol/text"!

Biomolecule is holding a contest for the ninth time for the best popular science work on modern biology. We invite talented popularizers of science to tell an interesting story, draw beautifully or shoot something about their favorite topic in a fascinating way.


This year, Biomolecule has prepared pleasant news for the participants: two new nominations! The special nomination "Skoltech" is dedicated to the topics of the leading laboratories of the Center for Life Sciences The Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology is intended for those who would like to enroll in a master's degree there. And we are glad to welcome the youngest popularizers in the new "School" nomination, the partner of which is the non-profit school "Letovo". The winners will receive admission benefits and other prizes.

One of the main missions of "Biomolecule" is to open the way to scientific pop for young authors, and to show mature creators new ways for self–development. To do this, for the ninth year we have been holding a popular science contest "Bio/ mol/text". We give each participant who has passed the initial selection the opportunity to present their work to our large, professional, demanding and interested audience. And so that everything does not end with a competition, we will invite the most talented authors to write for Biomolecule and further.

And – news! – for the first time, we welcome the youngest participants (up to and including the 10th grade of the school) to our competition in a specially organized "School" nomination. Letovo, a non-profit school for capable and motivated children, became our partner in its establishment. In addition, in cooperation with the Skoltech Center for Life Sciences, a nomination will start, which will interest anyone who is thinking about entering the master's program of the Institute. The articles of the participants will be evaluated by the director of the Center Konstantin Severinov and the head of the Master's program Mikhail Gelfand.

We are waiting for your works, venerable authors and inexperienced newcomers living in Russia and outside of it, of any profession, age and citizenship! We are only interested in your talent, erudition and ability to talk about a complex scientific field in a simple, understandable and fascinating way. We would like you to have the latest information and be able to analyze scientific data; to feel the pulse of living science behind your texts, drawings, cartoons. In general, we expect miracles from you. And that's the only reason we are organizing a competition.

The main theme of the contest: molecular biology and biophysics, biomedicine, bio- and nanotechnology.

The following topics are considered in the framework of the "Skoltech" nomination: comparative genomics, molecular evolution, systems biology, prokaryotic defense systems (including CRISPR-Cas), antibiotics and resistance to them.

Terms of the competition: works are accepted from June 1 to October 1, 2019 inclusive. The results of the competition will be announced at the awarding ceremony on December 21, 2019 and published on the website biomolecula.ru .

Details are available on the contest page.

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