22 February 2012

In the vanguard of knowledge

On February 24, the competition of scientific works "Vanguard of Knowledge" starts in Russia

The competition was organized by the international biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca with the support of the All-Russian Science Festival, as well as the Russian Venture Company, JSC Rusnano and the Skolkovo Foundation.

Any scientist conducting his own research in the field of chemistry, biology, pharmacology and medicine can take part in the competition. In 2011, the "Vanguard of Knowledge" was held in Russia for the first time and collected 85 applications. Considering this positive result, the organizers decided to expand the list of topics: this year, in addition to oncology and cardiology, infectious diseases and new research methods will also be covered.

The authors of the most scientifically promising projects will be announced in October 2012. The winners will receive a cash prize in the amount of 450,000 rubles each, as well as priority support for obtaining the status of a Skolkovo resident/participant and the opportunity to continue their research in partnership with Russian development institutes. In addition, since AstraZeneca is focused on long-term work in Russia, winning the Competition can be the beginning of a long-term cooperation in the field of research and development of innovative drugs.

The holding of the competition "Vanguard of Knowledge" logically fits into the context of the changes taking place in recent years in Russian science, which is gradually beginning to emerge from the crisis of the nineties. Total government spending on research and development has almost doubled over the past ten years – this growth is one of the fastest in the world. There is an active integration of Russian science into the international scientific community. Specific mechanisms of interaction between business and science are proposed, among which, first of all, the Federal Target Program "Development of the pharmaceutical and medical industry of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2020 and beyond". Nevertheless, the problem of effective implementation of successful scientific developments in practice in Russia is still acute. One of the effective ways to solve it is to combine the efforts of the state and business structures with extensive experience in the field of commercialization of scientific developments.

Details are available on the contest website.

P.S. from 18.10.2012: Caution! Kaspersky does not allow access to this site (avangardznaniy.ru ) – he's covered in viruses! 

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