02 May 2012

Postgraduate study in Cologne for biologists

Grants (scholarships) for postgraduate studies at the University of Cologne (Germany)

The University of Cologne (Germany) announces the acceptance of applications in 2012 for postgraduate studies in the field of biological sciences.

Citizens of any country of the world are invited to participate in the competition. The only criterion for the selection of candidates is academic performance. The training is free. The university fee is about 200 euros per semester. These funds are used to provide services to students, such as paying for accommodation, discounts on meals in the student canteen, providing preferential travel on public transport, etc.

Requirements for program participants:

  • The presence of a master's degree or other degree equivalent to the German University Diploma in biology or biochemistry.
  • The diploma must indicate a high level of academic performance of the applicant.
  • It is necessary to have a good knowledge of English written and spoken language, since the teaching is conducted in English. The selection committee does not require the provision of English proficiency test results, but the level of the language will be assessed when communicating with the applicant.
  • Knowledge of German is not mandatory, but it will be required for everyday communication of the participant of the program. German language courses will be organized for foreigners participating in the program.

The beginning of training is January 2013.

Applications are submitted online. The deadline for accepting documents is May 25, 2012.

Detailed information about the program is published on the University's website

The translation of the message was carried out by employees of IC "NT-INFORM"The University of Cologne is one of the oldest in Europe and the largest in Germany.

About 45 thousand students study at the university, a tenth of whom are foreigners. The Cologne School of Genetics is known all over the world. 2 university employees were awarded the Nobel Prize (Kurt Alder 1950 in chemistry and Peter Grunberg 2007 in physics).

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