11 October 2016

Sandoz HACk Contest (Healthcare Access Challenge)

International competition for innovative ideas and solutions in the field of access to healthcare "Sandoz HACk"

Sandoz Company, one of the leading manufacturers of reproduced medicines and biosimilars in the world, announces the launch of the international competition "Sandoz HACk" (Healthcare Access Challenge), aimed at finding innovative ideas and solutions to some of the world's most pressing problems in the field of access to healthcare.

Despite the significant progress made in modern medicine, more than two billion people around the world do not have access to medicines and more than 400 million do not have access to essential medical services.

Thanks to the joint efforts of partners from the public and private sectors, including the pharmaceutical industry, non-profit organizations and Governments, significant progress has been made in solving the problem of access to healthcare worldwide. However, these large-scale systemic initiatives need support in the form of changes coming from society itself, which are based on small innovative solutions that can change a lot for the better. That is why the Sandoz HACk contest was organized, encouraging people to find new solutions to the main problems in the field of access to healthcare faced by local communities.

Currently, mobile technologies are radically changing the way medical care is provided and received around the world, and their impact on healthcare is likely to grow in the future. In the first year of the event, Sandoz HACk invites the current generation of entrepreneurs and creative people to present ideas for using mobile technologies in healthcare to solve existing problems with access to medicine.

"Joint efforts of the state, business and society are needed to improve patients' access to healthcare. We believe that the biggest changes are often born out of incredible, small ideas, and by launching the Sandoz HACk contest, we strive to find, promote and develop creative ideas to help rethink access to healthcare," said Yuri Golovatchik, Director of Corporate Relations at Sandoz in Russia.

Individuals aged 18-35 from any country in the world who speak English can take part in the Sandoz HACk contest. Applications for participation in the competition are accepted until November 30, 2016.

Based on the results of objective judging, six finalist applications will be published on the OpenIDEO resource, which is an international community of leading organizations and individuals working together to find solutions to the world's most important problems. Before being submitted to the jury, the ideas of the participants will be worked out and finalized together with representatives of this Internet community. Three winners will be selected, who will receive start-up funding and support from mentors to bring their ideas to life.

Information about the procedure for submitting an application for participation and the conditions of participation in the competition can be found at:
the website of the company "Sandoz"the Sandoz Facebook page.

Join the discussion on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #SandozHACk.

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