12 May 2012

Summer School of Molecular and Theoretical Biology for schoolchildren

The two-week summer school of advanced study of biology and related disciplines will be held for the first time on the initiative and with the support of the Dynasty Foundation in August 2012. Within the framework of the project, 50 Russian schoolchildren will be trained and take part in scientific research at the laboratories of the Pushchinsky Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The participants will live in the Pushchino boarding house.

The school's program will include both experimental biological research and work in related disciplines – bioinformatics, biochemistry, biophysics, etc. Along with research work, traditional training sessions (lectures and lessons) will be conducted for students.

Given the interdisciplinary nature of modern science, along with biology, students will be able to supplement their knowledge in mathematics, programming and other disciplines.

The dates of the school are from August 13 to August 28, 2012.

The selection of schoolchildren is carried out by the Organizing Committee on the basis of forms filled out by schoolchildren. Criteria for the selection of participants: interest in scientific disciplines presented in the school program, personal success in the study of biology and in Olympiad competitions, recommendations of teachers and scientists.

When selecting participants, preference is given to students who have completed 9th, 10th and 11th grades (in the year of graduation).

Schoolchildren selected by the Organizing Committee, if necessary, can apply for financial assistance to pay for travel to Pushchino and back. The issue of providing such assistance is decided individually.

Accommodation and meals for all participants are free of charge.

Registration of participants is until June 10, 2012. The Organizing Committee of the school will publish the lists of participants no later than June 26, 2012.

Details are available on the Dynasty website.

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