16 March 2022

A worldwide conspiracy of viruses

Torov 's victory

Evgeny Alexandrov, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Head of the Russian Academy of Sciences Commission on Combating Pseudoscience

"Trinity variant"

On the fourth of October, 2021, Deputy Minister of Industry Vasily Shpak presented the Tor device to the public manufactured by Concern Granit JSC. According to the assurances of the deputy minister, the device allows to suppress the reproduction of the coronavirus.

The Granit Concern is known as a very serious institution, being "the leading domestic supplier of high-tech solutions for ensuring the security of people and the state," having "the status of the only supplier of the FSB of Russia in a number of positions." The device "Tor" developed by him was previously advertised as a "sanitary device for air purification", but, as it turned out, it can be configured to effectively suppress COVID-19!

In August 2020, Rospatent applied to the Russian Academy of Sciences with an instruction to review two patent applications for the invention of a device for suppressing coronaviruses by irradiating disinfection objects with microwave radiation of a spectrum consistent with viruses. The Department of Physical Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences responded to these proposals very critically. But the applicants were persistent, and the controversy took a year and a half. In October 2021, Rospatent requested to review the applications directly to the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Here is a quote from this appeal:

"According to the applicant, the claimed effect is based on the effect discovered for the first time, according to which "collective behavior that ensures the success of rapid reproduction of viruses in the body is impossible without the exchange of information or, in other words, electromagnetic or acoustic signals. The noise of these signals at least temporarily allows inactivating the reproduction of viruses in the body.""

As you can see, the basis of the device's action is the fantastic idea of collective communication of viruses using characteristic microwave radiation. This radiation must be overheard and drowned out by an external specially formed noise, thereby thwarting the conspiracy of viruses! The idea is quite in the spirit of the "sole supplier of the FSB."

The President of the Russian Academy of Sciences instructed the academic departments of Physical and medical Sciences to investigate this case together with the RAS Commission on Combating Pseudoscience. After a joint analysis, such an expert opinion was prepared.

Expert opinion

about the alleged inventions on applications for the issuance of patents of the Russian Federation No. 2020123570 "Method for suppressing the vital activity of pathogenic microorganisms and viruses by electromagnetic radiation" and No. 2020124927 "Device for suppressing the vital activity of pathogenic microorganisms and viruses by electromagnetic radiation"

The "method and device for suppressing the vital activity of pathogenic microorganisms and viruses by electromagnetic radiation" submitted for examination are anti-scientific.

The task that the alleged inventions are aimed at solving cannot be achieved with the help of the claimed device and method.

The initial setup of the device and method under consideration is formulated as follows: "Collective behavior that ensures the success of rapid reproduction of viruses in the body is impossible without the exchange of information or, in other words, electromagnetic or acoustic signals. The noise of these signals at least temporarily makes it possible to inactivate the reproduction of viruses and enable the body to identify and destroy viruses at the stage of reproduction."

The idea of this installation is absolutely false: firstly, there is no collective behavior of viruses. Secondly, there is also no exchange of electromagnetic and acoustic signals between viruses.

The idea of spectral-selective destruction of viruses using characteristic gigahertz and terahertz irradiation is incompatible with elementary concepts of molecular spectroscopy. The virus, indeed, is a huge molecule with a very complex absorption spectrum in the entire range of electromagnetic waves from zero frequencies to ultraviolet radiation, including discrete rotational and vibrational-rotational lines in the microwave and far infrared parts of the spectrum, on which the Tor apparatus allegedly operates. However, even obtaining information about this spectrum is a very difficult task, since for this it is necessary to ensure that there is no interaction of molecules with any matrices, including collisions with each other, if the study is conducted in the gas phase. Only in recent decades, with the help of the latest technology of laser nonlinear spectroscopy, it has been possible to obtain fully resolved spectra of simple molecules. Without careful tricks, the absorption spectra of molecules appear to be smooth and almost structureless bands.

We can safely say that no one has seen the permitted spectra of coronaviruses. Viruses, being in drops of saliva / other liquid or being adsorbed on the surface, will always have a mass negligible compared to the host medium. Accordingly, a structureless spectrum of condensed matter will inevitably be observed, in which only in exceptional circumstances EPR and NMR is able to observe characteristic lines. Therefore, there is no need to talk about any selective effect of electromagnetic radiation on the virus — this radiation will be simultaneously absorbed by all other tissues of the body.

Finally, is it possible to kill a virus with electromagnetic radiation? You can! To do this, the molecule needs to be destroyed — to break the molecular bonds, for which it is necessary to use the electronic transitions of the molecule with the exit to ionization. This is done by ultraviolet irradiation, for example, using a mercury lamp. Doctors have been using this method of disinfection of premises for more than 100 years!

The excitation of vibrational-rotational transitions of molecules does not damage the molecule in any way. Suffice it to recall that the vibrations and rotations of molecules are constantly excited due to thermal energy. With additional radiation excitation, the populations of the corresponding sublevels are aligned, and the molecule generally ceases to absorb electromagnetic energy. Of course, at very high excitation powers, nonlinear (multiphoton) effects occur, which will manifest itself in heating the sample, as in a microwave oven. But it is constantly said that "Tor" is safe, using much less power than in mobile communications.

Answers to questions posed by the expertise of the Federal Institute of Industrial Property (FIPS)

1. Do the information contained in the act of Samara State Medical University correspond to the principles of evidence-based medicine?

Clinical studies (protocols are presented) conducted by the authors do not comply with the principles of evidence-based medicine. First of all, it is not very clear how it was possible to start research on patients without being convinced of the safety of the electromagnetic radiation used for animals. Moreover, we are not talking about one-time, but about constant, daily four-hour irradiation for several weeks.

There are suspicions that no one controlled the delayed effects of radiation exposure. The parameters chosen to study the effectiveness of the device do not correspond to the tasks set. Monitoring of symptoms cannot be the main thing, since the treatment of patients within the study group differed and depended on the characteristics of the course of the disease, its severity and the characteristics of each patient's body (it is difficult to imagine that all patients received the same treatment). Given the diversity of microorganisms and viruses, as well as the huge difference in their morphology and physiology, it is not yet possible to physically influence a certain type of microbes. No evidence has been obtained that electromagnetic radiation specifically affects the coronavirus inside the body of an infected person.

In addition, if we assume that electromagnetic radiation can still affect microbes (located at a considerable distance from its source), affecting the body of a person infected with coronavirus, then there is a high probability that it can disrupt the microbiome of the skin, intestines and mucous membranes and lead to a serious disruption in the immune system, which so suffers with this disease. As for the results of the study, we can only assume that electromagnetic radiation has some general effect on the human body with unknown long-term consequences.

2. Should it be considered correct to divide patients into a control group (standard therapy), a study group (standard therapy + "Tor") and a placebo group (standard therapy + imitation of "Tor")?

As for the division of patients into groups, it seems to the reviewer that it would be more correct to include a group of healthy volunteers in the study in order to study the effect of electromagnetic radiation on the human body. At the same time, it would be possible to study the effect of radiation on some controlled parameters of the immune system (cells, synthesis of certain cytokines, biochemistry, etc.). Therefore, I believe that the studies were conducted incorrectly. No data indicating the specific effect of electromagnetic radiation on the coronavirus is presented.

3. Should the information contained in the act be considered as results that indicate the achievement of the effect noted in the act by using an additional factor in the form of an electromagnetic field?

The information contained in the act does not allow us to conclude that a positive effect has been achieved when using the device for electromagnetic radiation. In addition, the safety of the device's effects on the human body has not been proven.

4. Are the information contained in the act results that indicate the connection of the effect noted in the act with "noise"?

In the opinion of experts, since there is no data to assert that electromagnetic radiation specifically affects the coronavirus, it does not matter at all whether the information contained in the act is the results that indicate the connection of the noted "effect" with "noise".


However, at the beginning of these notes it was noted that the Granit concern is a very serious enterprise. All the objections of the RAS were countered on many dozens of pages, where the initial positions of the applicants were significantly deformed, references were made to numerous domestic and foreign studies of the effects of microwave radiation on viruses and references were invariably made to the authority of Academician N. D. Devyatkov, "the recognized founder of electronic medicine".

Indeed, Academician Devyatkov took an active part in the development of microwave radiation sources, which played a key role in the development of domestic radar, but in medicine, the academician was noted mainly for long-term studies of "parapsychological effects", which were demonstrated to him by the famous con artist Ninel Kulagina, see: Alexandrov E. Natural science in the spirit world // In defense of science. Bulletin No. 16. p. 14. M., 2015.

In this controversy, Granit won an undoubted victory, finally receiving the requested patents. "Roszdravnadzor of the Russian Federation issued a registration certificate dated September 23, 2021 with the established purpose of the TOR device as a means to accelerate the elimination (death) of SARS-CoV-2."

Well, the Academy of Sciences is clearly moving to the position of a rooster with its task to crow — and there at least do not dawn! It remains to be consoled by the fact that the Tor device is definitely useless, but safe, if you ignore the financial losses and the bitterness of the vain hopes of potential buyers.

For me, a personal consolation, apparently, can be the letter below.


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