13 August 2015

The first contender for the Houdini Prize

Harry Houdini Award: clairvoyance will be the first to undergo experimental testing

Harry Houdini Award: clairvoyance will be the first to undergo experimental testing

The Expert Council of the Harry Houdini Prize (1,000,000 rubles to anyone who demonstrates paranormal abilities in a correctly staged experiment) has developed regulations for conducting the first preliminary testing. The applicant is Bakhyt Kairgalievna Zhumatova, a finalist of the seventh season of The Battle of Psychics. In her application, she indicated that she has the gift of clairvoyance and prediction.

As part of the preliminary testing, the expert team will check Bakhyt Zhumatova for the presence of paranormal abilities. The applicant claims that she is able to "see" money well and will be able to determine through clairvoyance in which of the 10 impenetrable envelopes, each of which is placed in a separate closed box, a banknote is hidden. The subject stated that she would need matches, water, stones and a deck of playing cards to complete the task. The Expert Council approved such a prop. 

The applicant's stated abilities have been repeatedly mentioned in the media. During the project "Battle of Psychics" Bakhyt Zhumatova passed tests, where she found a person in the trunk of one of the cars; described an object locked in an opaque black box; determined the exact amount of money hidden in the house. 

The expert team of the preliminary experiment included: Alexander Panchin, Mikhail Lidin, Stanislav Nikolsky, Kirill Alferov, Nikolai Fomushin, Asya Kazantseva, Denis Vlasov, Alexey Vodovozov. 

During the preliminary test, the method of blind testing will be used. 10 boxes are installed in the testing room, one of which will contain an envelope with a banknote, and the rest will contain envelopes with paper sheets. The conditions of the blind experiment guarantee that no one (including the experimenters) will know in which of the boxes there is an envelope with a bill. The subject will have to correctly indicate the position of the bill in three tests out of four attempts. Everything that happens will be filmed on camera. A detailed test procedure with a description of the blind experiment procedure will be published on the Award's website. 

In case of successful completion of the preliminary testing, the applicant for the Award will be invited to the final test. The peculiarity of the final test is that the probability of passing it as a result of luck will be minimized (it will be necessary to demonstrate reproducibility of the ability). As a result of a positive outcome of the main test, the nominee for the Harry Houdini Award will be paid a reward of one million rubles. In case of a negative result, the applicant has the opportunity to submit a second application for another ability, if any, and try his hand again. A third application from the same participant will not be accepted.


More information about the Award can be found by visiting the website http://houdiniprize.org / and social networks:
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