02 September 2015

Breakthrough technologies for health preservation

Theranostics – the trend of medicine

Tomsk Polytechnic University newspaper "For Cadres" 

Theranostics is the global trend of medicine of the future. The term has appeared relatively recently in modern science. Theranostics combines the entire cycle of medical services: from early diagnosis of diseases to therapy and subsequent monitoring of treatment. 

Creation of new, globally competitive radiopharmaceuticals, devices and methods of medical radiology for the diagnosis and therapy of oncological and cardiovascular diseases, world-class educational programs in the field of medical engineering to train world-class specialists for domestic and foreign medical centers. 

These are the goals of the TPU project "Innovative methods of theranostics. INNOMET». It is implemented on the basis of the TPU Institute of Physics and Technology. This project is part of a unique cluster "Medical Engineering", created as part of the Program to improve the competitiveness of Tomsk Polytechnic University among the world's leading scientific and educational centers.

Improving the quality and life expectancy of the world's population is a key task of modern science. And success can be achieved only through inter–network interaction, because theranostics is a complex, integral science. This is the way the developers of the project "Innovative methods of theranostics. INNOMET».

Project idea

Development of resource-saving technologies to improve the quality and life expectancy of the world's population. The goal is to create highly effective drugs, equipment and radiation technologies for theranostics (diagnostics and therapy) of oncological diseases.

Priority directions of development of cancer theranostics in the world
  • Monoclonal antibodies for targeted drug delivery. 
  • Nanocomplexes (iron oxide, nanorubins and nanophosphores, silicon) for imaging, chemotherapy, thermal effects on cancer cells initiated by alternating magnetic fields, ultrasound, etc. 
  • Targeted diagnostic and therapeutic tandems based on radioactive isotopes.
Publications in publications indexed by Web of Science and Scopus: 120 articles (84 -2014, 36 — I half of 2015).

Project objectives

Task 1
Physical principles (technologies) of synthesis of targeted tandems based on 99mTc and 186Re isotopes for cancer diagnosis and therapy.
Task 2
Hardware and software complex and methods of planning intraoperative cancer therapy taking into account glucose metabolism in tumor tissue.
Task 3
Innovative educational program in the field of nuclear medicine.

Impact of results
  • Promotion and positioning of the University as a leading organization in the field of theranostics of oncological diseases.
  • Creation of a modern base of scientific research in the field of medical radiation technologies.
  • Formation of highly qualified personnel potential in the field of medical radiation technologies.
  • Training of specialists in the field of nuclear medicine who are competitive on the world market. 
  • Formation of a base for sustainable financing of scientific research in the field of nuclear medicine.
  • Creation of a world-class scientific and technical foundation for the development of fundamental and applied research in the field of medical engineering.
  • The directions of fundamental research are Targeted diagnostic and therapeutic tandems based on radioactive isotopes. — Complex methods of spatial visualization of malignant neoplasms based on radionuclide diagnostics for computer planning of intraoperative therapy of the tumor bed and lymphogenic metastasis zones. Potential for the development of fundamental research
  • Development of competence in the field of nuclear physics, biotechnology, radiochemistry, organic chemistry, toxicology, pharmacy, experimental and clinical nuclear medicine. Experience in creating a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals based on isotopes 199Tl, 123I, 99mTc.
  • Expansion of the material and technical base and development of basic research infrastructure. Availability of basic electrophysical installations.
  • Entry and active interaction with the technology platform "Medicine of the Future".
  • Formation of a stable consortium in the field of "Nuclear Medicine" as part of the leading Russian and foreign scientific and educational centers.
  • Presentation of research results in leading scientific publications and at international scientific conferences.
First results
  • Automated module for obtaining technetium-99m preparations from irradiated molybdenum of natural composition.
  • The method of synthesis of targeting proteins with ankyrin repeats is DARPins (Designed Ankyrin Repeat Proteins), which have a high affinity for the HER2/neu cancer marker.
  • Method of obtaining and activating fatty carboxylic acids for effective binding of antibodies to 99mTs.
  • Physical regularities of changes in the cross section of the nuclear reaction (186W(d, 2n) 186Re) and the yield of 186Re during the interaction of deuterons with an energy of 13 MeV with a thick metal tungsten target.
  • Evaluation of the operating time of 186Re from a tungsten target, showing the possibility of using a cyclotron to create radiopharmaceuticals based on the 186Re isotope for 4,000 patients per year.
  • An electronic radiation source based on a small-sized pulsed betatron with a beam energy of up to 7 MeV and a generation frequency of 400 Hz. 
  • Dosimetry of an intraoperative betatron electron beam at a therapeutic electron energy of 6 MeV in aqueous and solid-state phantoms.
  • Mathematical apparatus of a linear-quadratic model of intraoperative therapy planning based on the calculation of radiation dose distribution for various types of applicators.
  • The concept of online monitors based on a pass-through ionization chamber and luminescent material using silicon photomultipliers (Si-PMT).
  • Network Master's program "Nuclear Medicine".
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