02 April 2014

Made in Russia: video capsules for endoscopy

Russian scientists have developed their own design of an endoscopic video capsule

Regional Newspaper

Russia has a chance to enter the top four countries in the world where unique medical equipment for capsule endoscopy is manufactured. Moreover, such production will be launched in the Middle Urals, in the Forest. This was discussed at a meeting held by the Chairman of the Government of the Sverdlovsk region Denis Pasler during a visit to the Electrochempribor plant.

So far, only Israel, South Korea and Japan have produced capsules capable of videotaping the digestive tract. However, soon the Russians will be able to compete with them. Scientists from the Technological Institute of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI have developed their own design of an endoscopic video capsule.

– Anyone who has encountered the examination of the stomach and digestive tract using a traditional probe will confirm that the use of video capsules is much less traumatic, – said one of the authors of the new project, associate professor of MEPhI Dmitry Mikhailov. – A person swallows our capsule and leads a habitual way of life. Meanwhile, the capsule moves freely through the digestive tract by means of conventional peristalsis, making video recordings. All the footage is transferred to a computer, where it is later studied by a doctor.

According to Dmitry Mikhailov, capsule endoscopy cannot completely replace traditional methods of examination of the digestive system, but it can be useful in cases where it is difficult to make an accurate diagnosis. Only in the Middle Urals, 1,298 people need such studies. And in the future, Sverdlovsk-made video capsules will be purchased by hospitals from all over Russia. Moreover, the capsules that will soon be produced in Lesnoye differ favorably from foreign analogues in price: it is 3-4 thousand rubles, and foreign ones – 15 thousand rubles.

– We have been discussing the possibility of creating such a production in the Middle Urals since last year, – commented Denis Pasler, Chairman of the Government of the Sverdlovsk region. – Experimental samples of capsules have already been made, now we are talking about launching industrial production. We are interested in the fact that the defense enterprise "Electrochempribor" mastered the production of such unique medical equipment. This project will be a real example of successful import substitution: we will produce equipment for Russian hospitals that is currently being purchased abroad.

By the way, the videocapsules, which will soon be manufactured in Lesnoye, have a very romantic name – "Lily of the Valley". As Dmitry Mikhailov explained, the designers decided to give their technique a name in honor of the doctor who investigated the effectiveness of video capsules – Lily of the Valley Gubaidulina.

– We are preparing to launch a project similar to which has not yet been in our country. Within six months we will accumulate the necessary experimental material, and then we will take further steps to launch industrial production," explained Denis Pasler.

An important nuance: the launch of such production in the Middle Urals will create thirty new jobs.

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