28 April 2022

You can see by the eyes

Russian scientists plan to predict heart disease by eyes

RIA News

Scientists of Sechenov University with the help of artificial intelligence will predict the development of cardiovascular diseases based on the fundus image, the press service of the university told RIA Novosti.

"Scientific developments of Sechenov University related to the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning programs will allow doctors in the future to predict the development of cardiovascular diseases with almost 100 percent accuracy from fundus images," the report says.

The new prognosis technology will be available to medical experts within five to seven years, the press service said.

The fundus is practically the only place in the body that allows doctors to assess the condition of small—caliber vessels. The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning programs to analyze deviations from the norm in the fundus images will be able to give the most accurate prognosis of the development of cardiovascular diseases, the university explained.

"Fundus analysis is one of the easily accessible diagnostic methods, and the platform we have developed has already trained a prediction algorithm with an accuracy of about 99 percent. Now we are continuing testing to reach an even higher level of prediction accuracy. The developed program, as the scientific part of the research is completed, will enter the phase of clinical testing within the university," said the director of the Institute of Personalized Cardiology, professor of the Department of Cardiology, Functional and Ultrasound Diagnostics Sechenov University Philip Kopylov, quoted by the press service.

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