23 June 2014

Gold nanoliposuction

Gold nanoparticles will help to remove subcutaneous fat quickly and painlessly

<url>Gold nanoparticles will make the liposuction procedure (removal of subcutaneous fat surgically) twice as fast, and will also help to avoid severe consequences (bruising and fatty bumps, which require repeated surgery to remove).

Gold nanorods, which have proven themselves well in the destruction of cancer cells, will now be useful in the fight against fat, according to Chemical and Engineering News (Lauren K. Wolf, Liposuction Goes Nano – VM).

The most popular method of liposuction is still vacuum: a tube (cannula) is inserted through small incisions under the skin. The forward movement of the cannula (back and forth) destroys fatty tissues, which are then removed from the body by a special vacuum apparatus. However, nerves and connective tissues often fall under the tip of the cannula.

Adah Almutairi, a nanomedicine specialist from the University of California, San Diego, and her brother Khalid (plastic surgery surgeon) drew attention to one of the newest methods of combating malignant tumors. Gold nanoparticles search for and find cancer cells in the body. Further, after weak irradiation with infrared light, they heat up and "fry" the harmful cells without causing any harm to their healthy neighbors. Almutairi decided to destroy fat cells in a similar way.

The procedure of "nanoliposuction" will begin with the injection of gold nanoparticles into fat deposits. Then they will be exposed to near-infrared radiation. Due to the relatively low melting point of fat, it will turn into a liquid state even before heating begins to destroy neighboring cells. Finally, the vacuum device will quickly and easily suck out the molten fat, and you will not need to "cut" it with a cannula.

Almutairi's group first conducted an experiment with pieces of butter and lard, where gold nanorods (40 nanometers) were introduced. A laser with a wavelength of 800 nanometers (a standard laser hair removal tool) melted the fat in two minutes. After such a successful experiment, Almutairi applied for a patent and opened a new company to commercialize the product. Now "nanoliposuction" is undergoing preclinical studies on animals. Human trials are scheduled for early autumn.

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