06 April 2011

"Mitki" help Lefty to shoe a nano-flea

The exhibition of "nanotechnological" paintings "Mitkov" opened in Rusnano
RIA NewsAn exhibition of paintings by the Mitki art group on the topic of nanotechnology has opened in the office of JSC Rusnano.

"This exhibition is organized in order for nanotechnology to become understandable through artistic images to people who are far from this topic," Mikhail Slobodinsky, curator of the exhibition, adviser to the chairman of the Board of Rusnano, explained to RIA Novosti.

According to him, "Mitki" speak an accessible language. "And who better than them can translate nanotechnology into understandable images?" Slobodinsky said. He believes that "Mitki" managed to reflect the idea of nanotechnology in the paintings. "They convey both the spirit and the meaning of everything we (Rusnano – ed.) do. We walk around and smile, looking at what they have done," Slobodinsky said.

As the leader of "Mitkov" Dmitry Shagin recalls, the idea of writing these paintings was born when "Mitkov" was told about nanotechnology by their friend who deals with this topic.

Painting by Dmitry Shagin
"Mitki helps Lefty to shoe a nano-flea"

"The paintings are very diverse, and I think they reflect the artists' attitude to nano – this is something very incomprehensible, these are the technologies of the future. It's always very interesting," Shagin told RIA Novosti.

The first exhibition of paintings was held in the fall of 2010 in St. Petersburg at school No. 239. "This is a school that trains brilliant mathematicians and physicists. Grigory Perelman graduated from it," the artist noted.

According to Shagin, one of Anatoly Chubais' friends, a scientist, liked the exhibits very much, and he told the head of Rusnano about it.

The art group "Mitki", named after Shagin, became a symbol of the Leningrad underground of the stagnation era. The association of St. Petersburg artists has made the vest a symbol of life's strife, and the phrase "Mitki do not want to defeat anyone" – their motto. The iconic creative association was formed in the 1980s and quickly grew into a mass movement that united not only artists, but also musicians, poets, and writers.

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