15 September 2017

One injection instead of several

The new technology of drug administration will replace many injections

Polit.<url> based on the materials of The Guardian: New technology could allow multiple vaccines to be delivered in single jab

A new technology has been proposed that will allow replacing therapy cycles consisting of multiple injections with just one injection. Also, this approach makes it possible to inject several different drugs into the patient in one injection.

In the treatment of many diseases from diabetes to cancer, patients should receive regular doses of the drug for weeks, months or years. Several injections at regular intervals are also required for vaccinations against a number of infectious diseases. Anna Jaklenec from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and her colleagues have developed a way to inject the necessary drugs into the body at one time. The medicine or vaccine in their proposed technology should be packaged in tiny microcapsules made of a biodegradable polymer. Depending on the composition of the polymer, it will break down at different points in time, releasing the next dose of the drug inside the patient's body.

To test their invention, the scientists injected mice with microparticles made of three different polymers and filled with a fluorescent substance. In the course of further observations, it was confirmed that the fluorescent substance was released in the mouse body after nine days, twenty days or forty-one days, depending on the polymer used.

The authors managed to check another possible obstacle. To "seal" the microparticles, they need to be heated, and an elevated temperature can affect the effectiveness of the vaccine placed inside these particles. However, experience has shown that the polio vaccine has not lost its properties, antibodies appeared in the experimental mice. In another experiment, it was shown that microparticles releasing the vaccine in two doses are not inferior in effectiveness to the usual administration of vaccines in two injections.

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