03 September 2009

RUSNANO opens a cadre forge

RUSNANO will train personnel in the field of nanotechnology

The Supervisory Board of the Russian Nanotechnology Corporation has approved the concept of the Corporation's activities in the field of education, which is aimed at realizing the mission of RUSNANO in forming the personnel basis of the Russian nanoindustry. 

When planning and implementing educational activities, the Corporation will focus on the formation of a system of continuing education, which will provide organizations and enterprises of the nanoindustry with the necessary personnel. The main efforts are supposed to focus on the development of additional professional education, which should play a key role in retraining people who already have a certain professional education and are able to work successfully in the nanoindustry, provided they receive additional competencies.

The Corporation's activities in the field of education are aimed not only at supporting advanced retraining programs, but also at developing requirements (in the form of clearly formulated competencies of employees) that the labor market imposes on the vocational education system. We are talking about professional standards for priority areas of activity related to the use of nanotechnology.

The priority activities of the Corporation in the field of education in the coming years will be:

– creation on a competitive basis of a complex of educational programs of additional education for the nanoindustry, primarily for employees of companies that have received the support of the Corporation;

– formation and placement in open access of constantly updated electronic registers of Russian and foreign educational institutions that train personnel for the nanoindustry, training and retraining programs, including those developed with the support of the Corporation, educational materials and manuals on nanotechnology and innovation management;

– development of professional standards for priority areas of activity related to the use of nanotechnology;

– certification of educational programs that train personnel for the nanoindustry;

– support of promising educational projects related to the development of educational content, the introduction of modern educational technologies, the adaptation of foreign educational resources, the use of network interaction between Russian and leading foreign universities that train specialists in the field of nanotechnology, advanced training of university teachers and other training centers, etc.

The tasks set out in the Concept will be solved jointly by organizations that are part of the national nanotechnology network, as well as with a wide range of interested partners participating in the innovation process in the field of nanotechnology.

"The implementation of this concept will contribute to the creation of an open, flexible and responsive to the signals of labor markets and new technologies of the nanoindustry staffing system," said Andrey Svinarenko, Deputy Director General, Member of the Board of RUSNANO, who oversees educational activities at RUSNANO.

By 2015, the Corporation will form a complex of at least 100 educational programs for training and retraining of personnel for the needs of the nanoindustry. We also expect to certify about 200 educational programs of all levels on nanotechnology by this time, and thereby create conditions for one hundred percent satisfaction of the training needs of the Corporation's design companies and contribute to the staffing of the nanoindustry as a whole.

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