15 September 2022

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Scientists: Vitamin D3 and omega-3 do not help slow down aging

Svetlana Maslova, Hi-tech+

A large-scale study has shown that taking dietary supplements does not improve the condition of the elderly. To prevent senile infirmity, exercise and diet are more effective, scientists said. They insist that healthy lifestyle habits should be promoted in society, and not rely on taking medications.

25 thousand volunteers over 50 years old took part in the study of American scientists. They were divided into four groups: the first was prescribed vitamin D3 (2000 ME per day) and omega-3 (840 mcg per day), the second and third — one of these supplements, and the participants from the latter formed a control group. Prior to the start of the experiment, which lasted for five years, 3174 people were identified as "weak", who already showed signs of senile infirmity.

According to the results of the observations, the scientists concluded that there was no significant difference between the participants. Five years later, another 2,487 people from different groups moved into the category of "weak".


The change in the average level of senile infirmity in the vitamin D group and in the omega-3 fatty acid group compared with placebo.

Article by Orkaby et al. Effect of Vitamin D3 and Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplementation on Risk of Fraud An Ancillary Study of a Randomized Clinical Trial published in the journal JAMA Network Open

The results obtained do not support the well-established opinion regarding the benefits of taking supplements to slow down the aging process. "It is quite possible that they will be useful to people with serious health problems, but they were not considered in this study," the authors said.

On the contrary, the Mediterranean diet and physical activity are proven tools for preventing senile infirmity.

According to scientists, these strategies need to be popularized among the population instead of relying on taking "elixirs of youth and miraculous dietary supplements" to preserve health. "We should consider giving up unnecessary medications and promote healthy lifestyle habits," concluded the author of the work Ariela Orcabi.

In the fight against senile infirmity, scientists are testing various experimental drugs. One of them, recently developed at Stanford, restored the strength and endurance of old rodents to the level of young ones in just a month.

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