11 December 2019

The new "aging protein"

A key protein that causes aging has been identified

Svetlana Maslova, Hi-tech+

Scientists have identified a new aging mechanism that is controlled by a single protein. Its deficiency triggers the aging process. The processes inside the protein itself can be reversed, the team is sure.

Researchers from the Pasteur Institute (France) We have determined the mechanisms of aging of the body, in which the CSB protein plays a key role. Their observations showed that progressive protein depletion leads to irreversible aging of the body.

Article by Crochemore et al. CSB promoter downregulation via histone H3 hypoacetylation is an early determinant of replicative senescence published in the journal Nature Communications – VM.

It is known that the absence or dysfunction of CSB causes Coccain syndrome, a rare disease in which the symptoms of old age manifest themselves already in early childhood. In a previous study, scientists determined that disorders in CSB cause mitochondrial dysfunction. Now the team has received evidence of the effect of protein on the overall aging process.

Aging limits the proliferation of damaged cells in response to stress, scientists explain. "Now we see that CSB deficiency leads these proliferating cells to inevitable aging," said study co–author Miria Richetti.

It is important that the gradual depletion of CSB is a very early factor determining cellular aging.

The main conclusion for scientists was a new understanding of the role of CSB for healthy cells. "The CSB factor was considered stable, but now we have seen how the protein is depleted as it proliferates. When this happens, the cell finds itself in a "dead end" and aging occurs," Richetti concluded.

CSB depletion is caused by epigenetic modifications that are potentially reversible, the authors specify.

The team identified a molecule that is able to reverse cell damage in patients with Coccain syndrome, and also has properties to slow cellular aging. The research will continue.

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