12 April 2017

Are cyborg people already a reality?


Technology is developing so rapidly that today what previously seemed like a fantasy is becoming a reality. Including electronic devices embedded in the human body that endow it with unthinkable potential, incredible abilities, akin to the capabilities of the heroes of The Matrix, Marvel films, Batman, Terminator, etc.

Let the "upgrade of man" is not a common phenomenon today, but by 2100, according to Yuval Noah Harari, an Israeli historian, author of the acclaimed book "Homo Deus: a Brief History of tomorrow", bioengineering and artificial intelligence will become the foundation for the emergence of a new type of man. According to him, thinking about the fact that for 200,000 years the human brain and body have been functioning on the same "hardware complex", humanity is maturing to upgrade.

Even further, the newspaper notes "Vesti.Ru", in his judgments went the head of the engineering department of Google Corporation Ray Kurzweil, who said that by 2045 humanity will still find a way to defeat death. However, an employee of a company that has been dealing with the issues of gaining immortality for a long time clarifies, initially only rich citizens who have enough finances to purchase specially designed nanobots will have the opportunity to live forever. These devices placed in the human body will promptly eliminate the causes of diseases, including those responsible for the aging of the body.


In the longer term, says Yuval Noah Harari, in a century, the current "format" of man will disappear, giving way to a man with embedded biotechnologies that will improve people "almost to the level of gods." 

But there is a problem. Humanity, the historian believes, can be divided into those who will have full equipment, and those who, for financial reasons, will not be able to afford to upgrade 100%. 

And this can cause a new wave of discrimination, only on the basis of biotechnological inequality. 

Harari believes that the richest citizens will be able to become "God-like cyborgs" and gain immortality. 

The latter is all the more real because already today, in theory, there is a possibility of extending the process of cell division for an unlimited period of time.

– The revolutionary potential of future technologies is to change Homo sapiens, including our organisms and brains, and not just vehicles and weapons. The most amazing in the future will not be spaceships, but the creatures that control them," says the scientist.

He, not excluding the possibility of a war with cyborgs, draws attention to the fact that it can be prevented by learning to lead robots. 

Not only many other scientists, but also well-known entrepreneurs and businessmen agree with this position. For example, the head of Space X and Tesla corporations, Elon Musk.

The billionaire, by the way, is moving from reasoning to real actions: he recently created a new company, Neuralink Corp, which will implant microelectrodes into the human brain, creating a brain-computer interface. In other words, due to this "neural lace" technology, a person will be able to transmit commands to a computer directly, without a physical interface. People will also be able to upload files from a computer to their brain. But that's in the future. In the meantime, according to Western media, Neuralink Corp, will develop neuroimplants to combat diseases such as depression or epilepsy.

Earlier, Elon Musk stated that people should merge with computers, become cyborgs in some sense. This, according to him, is dictated by the reality itself, in which artificial intelligence is gradually displacing a person from many fields of activity. The "neural lace" technology will create a new layer of the brain that will be able to access information very quickly and connect to the field of artificial intelligence.

By the way, Russia has its own "cyborgs". For example, the founder and CEO of Biolink Technologies, Evgeny Chereshnev. A specialist at the Vestifinance forum said that his own body was used as a laboratory for testing future technologies. In particular, two years ago he implanted a microscopic biochip in his left arm, with which he walks to this day. Therefore, Chereshnev says, from a formal point of view, he is a cyborg.

Chereshnev also said that the reprogrammable chip is absolutely safe for health, since it is located inside a hypoallergenic shell. In order to get used to a foreign body, it took a little time – the chip does not cause inconvenience and does not restrict movement," the expert shared his experience.

But the capabilities of the subject increased thanks to the chip. For example, now Eugene can open or close locks in the house with one touch, lock and unlock mobile devices, log in to almost any sites without having to remember passwords, etc.

In addition to the fact that there is no need for keys and various passes, the biochip, according to Chereshnev, can also replace a passport, driver's license, medical insurance and even a wallet. And in the future, such chips can be successfully used in more effective rescue operations (for example, to search for lost tourists, people trapped under rubble, etc.), in the fight against terrorism and many other spheres of human activity.

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