27 September 2013

Be careful on the track!

Emotiv EPOC neural headset will come to the aid of motorists

Vladimir Paramonov, CompulentaThe Australian company Emotiv has developed a traffic safety system that automatically slows down the car when signs of driver inattention are detected.

Emotiv is known for its portable EPOC headset. This device, mounted on the user's head, reads an electroencephalogram using a set of electrodes, which is then interpreted. Based on the received data, commands are formed to control the computer system. In other words, EPOC allows you to control the technique with the "power of thought".

Emotiv EPOC portable Electroencephalogram reading kit (developer's image).The new project, implemented at the instigation of the Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia, provides for the use of Emotiv technologies in a new driver condition monitoring system.

Statistics show that about 20% of motorists involved in an accident saw the object of the collision, but could not react correctly due to the fact that their attention was diverted to something else. Measuring and analyzing brain activity while driving will theoretically allow you to identify moments when the driver does not fully control the situation on the road.

But interpreting brain signals is a very difficult task. In the new version of the Emotiv neural headset, in addition to the electrodes, a three-axis gyroscope and a three-axis accelerometer are used. These sensors are necessary to monitor the position of the head.

During the experiments, volunteers with a headset were asked to perform various actions while driving – for example, make a phone call, read an inscription on a road sign or switch a radio station. At the same time, the headset read the EEG, and the gyroscope and accelerometer registered sharp turns of the head. In addition, the frequency and amplitude of blinking were measured.

It turned out to be difficult to identify models of the state of the brain, indicating that the driver is about to switch his attention to some secondary task.

The researchers say that the analysis of brain activity is necessary for the reason that the loss of attention may not always be accompanied by a change in the driver's position, speed and frequency of blinking. That's where the new complex will come to the rescue.

A modified Hyundai i40 car was used to demonstrate the operation of the system. The car slowed down whenever the driver showed signs of inattention.

Prepared by Wired UK: Emotiv's mind-powered road safety system slows the car when a driver's distracted.

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