13 August 2013

Do you sleep well?

Beddit: Sleep quality assessment system

Vladimir Paramonov, CompulentaThe Indiegogo crowdfunding system raises funds for the production of the Beddit sleep quality monitoring platform, developed by the Finnish company of the same name (Beddit – Automatic sleep and wellness tracker.

Turn your bed into a smart bed).

The Beddit system (here and below are the developer's images).Beddit consists of hardware and software parts.

The first one includes a special thin array of sensors in the form of a tape, which, thanks to the sticky base, is fixed on the mattress under the sheet. The product receives power via the USB interface from the accompanying unit.

The software component is a mobile application for smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS.

Beddit collects a wide variety of indicators about the state of the human body during sleep. These are the time of falling asleep, heart rate, respiratory rhythm, snoring intensity, frequency of body position change, total sleep duration, etc. In addition, the ambient noise level is recorded.

The received data is transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth to the user's mobile device, where it is carefully analyzed.

The system allows you to evaluate the quality of sleep and view certain indicators on a timeline. Beddit displays personalized recommendations for improving sleep and leading a healthy lifestyle.

The information obtained can be uploaded to the network cloud for comparison with the results of other users, viewing history and trends.

The developers believe that one of the main advantages of Beddit is that the sleeper does not need to use any wearable sensors or bracelets. In addition, you do not have to worry about replacing the batteries, since the power is supplied by wire. Due to the small thickness of the tape with sensors, discomfort is not created.

At least $80 thousand is required to organize the release of Beddit. Currently, almost $70 thousand has been raised, the pot will close in 50 days.

Those who support the project now can expect to receive a system for $99. After the start of mass production, the product will rise in price by $ 50.

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