27 January 2022

Electronic vision

Russian scientists have installed a visual neuroimplant to a monkey for the first time

Anastasia Mogilevskaya, "Scientific Russia"

Russian scientists have installed an implant for the first time to restore the monkey's vision. The Sensor-Tech laboratory and the Connection Foundation for the Support of the Deafblind worked on the device. Testing on monkeys is the last stage of preclinical testing of the implant. During a two-hour operation, a matrix with electrodes was installed in the brain of a six-year-old baboon. The process was led by neurosurgeon Artur Biktimirov, who has been engaged in complex brain operations for almost 20 years. He was assisted by a neurophysiologist, anesthesiologists and veterinarians.

"The new stage of preclinical testing was successful, and now we are just a few steps away from the start of research with the participation of blind volunteers," said Denis Kuleshov, director of the laboratory. – Our task was not only to test the equipment and electrodes, it was important to work out the surgical nuances. The electrodes that we supplied were developed with the participation of specialists from Sechenov University. At further stages, we will check how electronic vision works in animals, whether they can see blindfolded, only with the help of an implant. We expect that animal testing will last until the end of 2023."

In the next two years, scientists plan to install a neuroimplant for dozens of monkeys and conduct behavioral experiments. 

The website of the Sensor-Tech laboratory notes that "ELVIS may become the first mass-produced product in Russia using electrodes implanted in the brain for a long time."


The introduction of ELVIS into Russian medical practice is planned for 2027. The first operations will be carried out with the support of the Ministry of Health of Russia, as well as on a commercial basis for wealthy clients and with the participation of charitable foundations and sponsors.

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