23 April 2009

Investing in hospitals of the future

The Regional Office for Europe of the World Health Organization has published a new book, Investing in hospitals of the future – Investing in Hospitals of the Future (xxi + 284 c).

Despite the fact that significant funds are invested in treatment and prevention facilities around the world, there is little actual, systematically collected data on how to plan and build new facilities that maximize the improvement of people's health and ensure the provision of services that meet the legitimate expectations of users. The proposed book contains the information available to date on capital investments in the healthcare sector.

The monograph examines a number of topical topics, including such as new models of long-term care for chronic conditions, capacity development planning, the impact of capital investments on healthcare personnel, market and competition issues, material supply and financing systems, the "cycle of life" of medical and preventive institutions, management issues, broader implications of investments for local communities and the economy, different approaches to investment depending on the accepted model of care, as well as aspects of construction and design that provide a sustainable and supportive environment for patients.

The book will be of value to anyone who is interested in planning, financing, construction and management of newly created medical and preventive institutions. It outlines the most important conclusions from the accumulated experience, the use of which can contribute to the successful implementation of investment projects.

Order a book (40 Swiss francs/$40, in developing countries – 28 Swiss francs/$28) or read the full text in pdf format (3 MB) available on the website of the WHO European Office.

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