16 December 2021

Liquid lenses

The first eye drops replacing reading glasses have been approved in the USA

Stepan Ikaev, Hi-tech+

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). According to the developers from Allergan, the new drug is able to replace reading glasses and simplify the lives of approximately 128 million Americans suffering from this disease. In the coming days, Vuity will begin to be sold by prescription in chain pharmacies throughout the United States.

Presbyopia, also known as "senile vision", is a common problem among the elderly, which also sometimes manifests itself in the younger generation. As a person ages, the cornea and lens of the eye begin to harden, and as a result, the eye muscles need more and more effort to focus on small objects. As a rule, this problem is solved with the help of reading glasses or contact lenses, but Allergan claims that it has a more modern and technological offer.


Vuity eye drops are injected once a day, after which the active ingredient pilocarpine stimulates the eyeball and reduces the size of the pupil. The drug works by analogy with a camera — when the lens is reduced and less light hits it, the picture becomes sharper. Vuity drops also work in the same way — it becomes easier for a person's eyes to focus on objects for long periods of time. In addition, Allergan has developed pHast technology, which allows drops to quickly adapt to the physiological composition of the tear film.

"Many Americans struggle with presbyopia, which usually begins around the age of 40, relying on reading glasses or resorting to workarounds, such as magnifying images on their digital devices to see better up close. As an optometrist who also suffers from presbyopia, I am personally and professionally happy to try Vuity on myself, as well as offer it to my patients," said Selina McGee, a member of the American Academy of Optometry, who participated in the development of the drug.

As part of the third phase of Vuity testing, the company tested drops on 750 volunteers aged 40 to 55 years. All participants who suffered from confirmed presbyopia confirmed the effectiveness of the drug. On average, patients under the influence of Vuity could read three or more additional lines on the diagram to check their vision. The authors also found that Vuity is active during the day and does not affect the quality of vision in the long term.

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