13 May 2014

Luke Skywalker's Prosthetic

The FDA has approved a unique prosthesis named after the hero of "Star Wars"

Olga Kanygina, VademecumThe American regulator has made a positive decision regarding the device intended for patients who have lost an arm.

The device was named after one of the main characters of the cult movie saga "Star Wars" – Luke Skywalker.

The FDA allowed the sale of the prosthesis after all the research and testing data of the device conducted by the US Department of Veterans Affairs were studied in detail, Reuters reports. It was during this study that it was proved that with the help of a prosthesis, 90% of the people who participated in the testing were able to perform complex manipulations, for example, use keys and a lighter, eat on their own and comb their hair.

The prosthesis was developed by the American DEKA Research and Development Corp. The company was founded by Dean Kamen, who also invented the segway (an electric self-balancing scooter with two wheels) and many other devices.

The US Defense Advanced Research and Development Agency (DARPA) announced that it provided DEKA with more than $40 million for the development of the "Luke Skywalker prosthesis." Its creators say that they tried to do everything possible to make the prosthesis as comfortable as possible. The device has the same size, weight, shape and compression force as an adult's hand, said Justin Sanchez, program manager at DARPA's Biological technology division.

The FDA representatives stressed that the first prosthetic arm has been created, which can perform several simultaneous actions controlled directly by a person. The electrodes send signals to the processor mounted in the prosthesis, after which the device executes the specified command.

The prosthesis was named after Luke Skywalker, who lost his right arm during a duel. Later, the hero of "Star Wars" began to use a prosthesis.

DEKA Research and Development Corp is a private American company founded in 1982. DEKA specializes in the development and production of innovative products used in various fields.

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