02 December 2022

Not even six months will pass

Neuralink will implant the first device to a person within six months

Svetlana Maslova, Hi-tech+

The year 2022 was very ambiguous for Neuralink — co-founders and leading engineers left the company, and checks were carried out on animal cruelty in preclinical studies. The launch of human trials has been constantly postponed, but now Elon Musk has announced that the company will implant the first device to a person in the next six months.

Neuralink was created in 2016, but over the six years of work, scientists have conducted only numerous preclinical studies of their neurointerface. The last demonstration of technology development took place in April 2021 — a monkey connected to a brain-computer interface played a Pong video game using the power of thought.

In January of this year, a vacancy for Clinical research director appeared at Neuralink. It was expected that any statements about the launch of human trials would appear earlier, but only now Elon Musk announced plans to implant the first device to a person in the next six months, writes Stat.

It is reported that at the moment the company has submitted most of the necessary documents to the American FDA regulator in order to begin clinical trials.

The first implants will restore vision, as well as restore mobility to patients with paralysis after severe spinal cord injuries, scientists plan.

"The long—term goal of Neuralink is to create a system for converting the impulses of the entire brain into actions," Musk said.

Earlier it became known that Musk is going to invest in Neuralink's competitor, Synchron. The media reported this at the end of August. It is not yet clear whether Synchron will accept funding and what Musk received as a result. Recall that Synchron already has real experience in implanting implants in patients.

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